10 best Android IO games you can download to kill time

“IO games” defy strict definition, they include different genres and have different levels of graphics. However, they all have two essential properties: simple mechanics and multiplayer.

Although this genre started out as online arcade games, many similar games are now available on Android. They do not differ in depth, but they perfectly help to kill time! We present to you the best ones that you can download for Android.



The game hit viral success a couple of years ago and has no shortage of players even today. Its gameplay is very simple and addictive: you are a ball that rolls back and forth and eats smaller balls, running away from larger balls. You can customize your ball (change the skin), and most of the balls around are other players.

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Brutal has slightly more complex mechanics. You are given a mace, and your goal is to defeat the maces of other players. Each victory strengthens your weapon, allowing you to compete with stronger opponents. If victories are too easy for you, then the system itself will weaken your mace. The game is simple and interesting, time flies by very quickly.

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Deeeep is a kind of underwater fighter. Players float across the map in the form of rectangular sea creatures (each with their own unique abilities) and try to defeat other players. Sharks can ram, squids can grab. The game is bright and dynamic, and 80 available characters add some depth – all this is very different from other games in this genre.

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Fidget Spinner.io


In Fidget Spinner, you play as a spinner that grows as the game progresses. The goal is the same: to eat smaller players. Although many models of spinners are initially available to you, you can unlock additional models (the difference is cosmetic, they do not give any game advantages). There are missions, boosts and a couple more little things to give the game extra depth.

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Goons are a typical hack-and-slash in the world of IO games. You wander around the map, the goal is to defeat other players. Here, as a rule, the winner is the one who better calculates the strike time. Dots pour out of the defeated, eating which your sword becomes larger and stronger. Three modes are provided, including Solo, Team and Capture the Flag, which sets Goons apart from the competition with their solo modes. And there are also customization options in the form of additional skins.

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Hole mechanics are very similar to similar games, but the difference is the ability to interact with the map. You play as a black hole that floats and grows by eating surrounding objects: players, buildings, etc. The goal is to grow to a size that can absorb the entire map. Despite the bugs and sometimes annoying ads, this game can easily kill a couple of minutes.

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Paper.io 3D


In Paper 3D, you will play in the form of colors of a particular figure, the goal is to paint over as much space as possible in your color. The concept is simple but interesting. Sometimes bugs happen – for example, once I died against the rules – but this happens quite rarely.

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Slither hit viral success a couple of years ago and has continued to lead in popularity ever since. You play as a worm crawling among other worms. If you crash into another player – you die, if the player crashes into you – then he dies. The goal is to set things up so that other worms crash into you. On the downside: the more you die, the more ads are shown, but overall, Slither deservedly remains a classic of the genre.

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Snowball takes us back to the world of the brawler genre, performing as a kind of Super Smash Bros at minimum salaries. You control a huge snowball, crashing into other players, the goal is to push them off the map. The game ends when 1 player remains on the map. From time to time, the map shrinks in size like in PUBG, forcing players to shove in cramped conditions until there is 1 winner left.

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Warbot is another representative of the brawler genre. You play as a robot, the goal is to defeat other players. Scattered around the map are capsules with bonuses, for which there is a constant struggle: after all, they improve attack and defense and give a decisive advantage in a fight. The game also has an offline mode with five robots to choose from and some other goodies. Random, time-limited boosts add a certain dynamic. At the same time, Warbot remains an IO game, so you shouldn’t count on a well-developed combat system.

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