10 Best Camera Apps For Android Smartphones & iPhone

In various application stores, both on the Google Play Store or the App Store, of course there are many choices of the best camera applications in the world that we can choose to install on smartphones.

Each application is equipped with the best features that will spoil its users. Because there are so many, sometimes not a few users are confused about which application to use. So are you?

If so, please see the summary of the best camera apk below so that you can immediately decide which one to install.

10 Best Camera Apps For Android Smartphones & iPhone

Recommended Best Camera Apps For Android and iPhone

Immediately, here is the best and most popular camera apk that can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

Open Camera

The first best application discussed is Open Camera. This application made by developer Mark Harman is popular because it is very light and easy to use.

In addition, it is also equipped with the best features that support users when taking pictures, such as the auto-stabilier feature, focus mode, HD quality video recorder, and many others.

With the best features it has, users need not hesitate to download Open Camera on their smartphone right now.

Google Camera – Best Camera App for Android

Next you can also use Google Camera which also has the best features for its users to use.

The features it has will certainly make the photo quality better. In addition, it has quite a lot of camera modes.

Among them are panoramas, portraits, lens blur, photo spheres, photo booths and slow motion. Very complete isn’t it? What are you waiting for, immediately download Google Camera on your cellphone. Gcam Mod is now available for all Android phones.

Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera also turns out to have a variety of features and settings that are no less complete than the previous application. Users can set manual focus, white balance, exposure, up to ISO speed as desired.

What’s interesting about Bacon Camera is that it supports RAW format which will make the phone you use looks like a real DSLR camera.

Bacon Camera can also be relied on as a bokeh video application because it has features that support this.

Camera MX – Best Camera App

Camera MX is also really recommended for you to use. The reason is, this application offers a variety of shooting mode options and is equipped with many filters as well.

Camera MX has the advantage of being equipped with a variety of basic to professional camera features.

So don’t be surprised if this application made by the MAGIX developer has been downloaded by tens of millions of Android users.


Camera360 has become a very popular application among Android and iPhone users. The reason is, there are various features that will spoil the user.

Then, coupled with a selection of cool filters and stickers that you can add to photos. Of course, this application is perfect for users who like selfies.

Camera FV-5

The next best camera application is Camera FV-5 which will make your phone look like a DSLR camera.

The reason is, Camera FV-5 has a camera settings menu like a real DSLR camera. Then, users will also be spoiled with a variety of cool features that are provided.

These include manual ISO, shutter speed, light-metering focus, white balance, and many others. So, immediately download Camera FV-5 to enjoy the features one by one it has.


For selfie fans, you must be familiar with this selfie camera application. The application is B612.

This application is liked by women because it can make the face more beautiful and smooth when in the photo. Not only that, there are also cute filters that can also be used when taking selfies.

Therefore, it is not a strange thing anymore if B612 has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of users on the Google Play Store.


If some of the applications were not suitable, please try the next recommendation, namely Cymera. Just like some previous applications, Cymera is also of course equipped with features that will make the photos look cooler and better.

There are 7 types of lenses, camera stabilizer, timer and silent mode in the application developed by the developer of SK Communications.

You can easily download Cymera on the Google Play Store or App Store for free at no cost.

Kuji Cam

Kuji Cam is an application that is suitable for users who love vintage -style photos. The reason is, this application is very reliable to produce such photos.

But don’t worry, for those of you who like other stylish photos, Kuji Cam also provides filters and effects that will make photos look better.

VSCO – The Best Camera App on Android and iPhone

Finally you can use VSCO. Apart from being a camera application, VSCO is also known as the most popular photo editing application.

The app has a minimalistic camera mode but comes with the best features. Users can take photos in RAW mode, manually adjust ISO, exposure, and white balance.

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Those are the 10 best camera applications that you can rely on for taking pictures on your smartphone. May be useful.

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