10 Best Offline Android RPG Games With Small Size & HD Graphics 2022

If you are a game lover, especially the RPG genre? How many RPG games have you played so far? Game RPG Offline it has its own charm and is the choice of many users. RPG itself stands for Role Playing Game and is one of the favorite genres for game lovers.

There are so many RPG games that you can play easily on the mobile device you are using. What’s more, the presence of an Android smartphone makes it easier for users to do many things, you can download certain applications or games through the Google Playstore, either paid or free.

Talking about RPG games, not all games can be played online only but can be played in offline mode. Like the RGP Offline game that you have found easily. That way, you can still play the game anytime and anywhere without having to be connected to the internet. So what offline RPG games can be played? For more details, please see below.

10 Best Small Offline RPG Games 2022

There are so many RPG games that you can play easily, interestingly some of the RPG games that we will share below have a very light size so they are easy to download and play on your device. You can get a lot of fun through this game.

Here we recommend the 10 Best Small Offline RPG Games 2022 that you can try to play right now. Please see the full explanation below.

1. Arcane Quest 3

The first Offline RPG game that you can play is Arcane Quest 3. This game will invite you on an adventure to complete revenge missions. Of course, the storyline provided by the Arcane Quest 3 game is very interesting. You can explore the world to defeat evil wizards and the undead.

In this game, players can customize their own players freely to become stronger. And there are 150 equipment that can be used later. You can use powerful spells to help eradicate a collection of evil enemies. Interestingly, you can play this game in offline mode and get the game through the playstore now.

2. Epic Conquest

Epic Conquest

Who does not know the Epic Conquest game which is very popular among users today. You can get a lot of fun, because Epic Conquest offers very interesting gameplay and will invite you to explore a fantasy romance story with the characters you play.

The graphic display provided is very attractive, and presents old school rpg graphics. Epic Conquest is one of the best RPG games and you can play it in offline mode via the device you have. To be able to play it, don’t forget to download Epic Conquest now via the google playstore.

3. Dark Sword

Dark Sword

The next rpg game that you can play offline is Dark Sword. This game has a slide scrolling concept with slash gameplay. The players will be tasked with defeating a black dragon that has blocked the sun, this causes the light to be lost and living things to be pitch black.

You can get the main mission to restore the sunlight. And before attacking the dark dragons, you can take on another 100 challenges with another set of evil creatures. Dark Sword provides 150 skills that can be used, equipped with easy controls and you can play on android devices.

4. Eternium


Eternium is an offline RPG game that is widely played by users today. This game has a very fun tap to move concept. In this game, you can choose several characters that can be used to play later. For example, Mage characters, Bounty Hunters, Warriors and so on.

Eternium was a huge success and was downloaded up to 50 million times. In addition, this game is very easy to play and has a charming graphic display that will spoil the players later. Eternium was developed by the developer Making Fun, and you can play the game right now.

5. AnimA ARPG


AnimA ARPG is the best offline rpg game and has a fairly light size. You can play this game easily, AnimA ARPG has a background in a very dark medieval world. And will invite you to explore many very fun places.

In this game, you can do various things freely to be able to fight the enemies that come your way. You can also increase the attributes of the characters you play. AnimA ARPG has been downloaded up to 1 million on Google Playstore and has a 4.4 rating. If interested, don’t forget to download the game right now.

6. Reaper


Another offline rpg game is Reaper, which may be familiar to your ears. The Reaper game has a fun and exciting concept. You will be faced with many enemies who are ready to attack you at any time. Of course you can use weapons as a form of self-defense.

There are so many collections of weapons that can be used such as a choice of swords, equipment such as armor and so on. Reaper is equipped with 2D visualizations that make anyone feel at home playing this interesting game. It’s a shame if this game only provides level 10 for the free version, to be able to play it continuously, you must subscribe first.

7. Heroes Infinity

Heroes Infinity

Another interesting RPG game that you can play is the very popular Heroes Infinity. Heroes Infinity presents the concept of a world that is not boring. You will fight against Tanatos with his troops. Heroes Infinity offers a very simple gameplay and does not bore the players.

You can play a character freely, to be able to defeat the enemy. However, the characters that will help you later have a time limit and will not appear forever. Therefore, it is important for you to set a strategy in advance when playing the game. Heroes Infinity is developed by DIVMOB which offers a lot of really stunning game effects. Come on, make sure to download the game right now.

8. Legendary Warrior

10 Best Offline Android RPG Games With Small Size & HD Graphics 2022

Legendary Warrior also includes a small offline rpg game that can be played easily on the mobile device that you are using. This game carries the background story of a country that is at war. And the trigger was Ares, who was both the leader and the instigator of the war. The players will be given a mission to stop the ares.

You will play the role of Hector, who is an unyielding soldier. Equipped with 2D graphics and will invite you to fight against enemies. Legendary Warrior also has very easy-to-use controls. The Legendary Warrior game is developed by Bravestars Games and has a size of 42 MB only. Come on, download now.

9. S.O.S: Stone of Life EX

S.O.S: Stone of Life EX

SOS: Stone of Life EX is an RPG game with an Old School stone of life Ex theme that offers lots of new and fun challenges. This game provides a game concept that is not boring and will require users to rack their brains because they have to set a strategy first to get a high score in each game.

SOS: Stone of Life EX offers a very interesting gameplay with a colorful and captivating graphic display. You can play this game easily and download the game via google playstore first. SOS size: Stone of Life EX is only 50 MB and can be played in offline mode.

10. Nonstop Knight

Nonstop Knight

The last offline RPG game that you can play is Nonstop Knight and developed by Flaregames. The game has a role playing theme that offers a lot of unlimited fun. The players will be invited to adventure in a fun fantasy world with many enemies ready to kill you at any time.

There are so many attacks that you can use to eradicate the enemies, Nonstop Knight does have a very exciting game play and will not bore the players. And interestingly again, in this game you can have pets that will help you fight later. Get Nonstop Knight for free via google playstore.


That’s the explanation of the Offline RPG Game that you can play freely, choose one of the favorite games that we have shared above. And get a variety of fun to fill your empty time everyday. Hopefully useful, thank you so much.

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