10 Great Search Engines That Will Find What Google Can’t

Google is the most popular way to find the information you need. However, he is not omnipotent. We’ve put together ten alternatives in case Google couldn’t help.

There is no doubt that Google is the favorite search engine on the web. But there are still plenty of options that will allow you to look at finding the right content from a completely different perspective. Perhaps some of them will become permanent assistants in the vast world wide web.



Any search engine that cares about the safety of your personal data deserves attention. Peekier is one such search engine. It cares about your privacy, which is what the DuckDuckGo browser once interested users in. The creators declare that they do not store user data and do not track your activity while surfing the Internet. In addition, the Peekier interface is not overloaded, which allows it to work faster than many analogues.



If the fate of the environment is not just a word for you, Ecosia will become a faithful assistant in the Internet space. The bottom line is that 80% of advertising profits go to greening our planet. Ecosia is a search engine without filters. However, it highlights the sites that are most interested in saving the planet. Such results are marked with a green leaflet.



If you are a frequent visitor to various forums and scoop or look for a lot of information on bulletin boards – Boardreader is what you will definitely need. This is a search engine that primarily looks for results from real people, not polished advertising sources.



The Kiddle search engine won’t show you all the information you need. And, oddly enough, this is its main advantage. This system is designed specifically for children. If you want to protect your child from inappropriate content, then take Kiddle into service.




We all use streaming services to watch movies. But lately there have been so many of them that it is easy to get lost in them. JastWatch will help you easily track the release of the long-awaited movie or series, and also tell you on which platform you can watch it. Both foreign and Russian services are available.



Popular Gif-animation search engine. Despite the fact that its integration can be found in many social networks, we could not ignore it. Do you want to give an answer to the interlocutor with humor? Launch Giphy and go. But first, think carefully before asking. It is very easy to run into spicy content here.



The search engine is useful for those who need to search for open source code. And it’s not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Searchcode will help you narrow down your searches to a specific source, programming language, or repository. The search engine is also unfiltered and has coverage in more than 90 languages.

NASA images


If you are interested in science and space, NASA images will become a treasure trove of knowledge and interesting information. More than 60 sources are collected in one place. Access over 140,000 NASA images, videos, and audio files collected throughout the space organization’s history.



It is a linguistic search engine and a great alternative to Google translate. With its help, you can better express a thought in English, choose the right word, phrase or preposition. To a greater extent, it is needed for those who already know the language well enough, but find it difficult to express thoughts in writing. However, Ludwig is able to speed up learning for beginner linguists.



Oddly enough, Google is not very good at looking for schematics of 3D models for printing. And Thangs is trying to fix this flaw. The search engine is specially created by the community of 3D designers. Here you can find what you need to create or share your own work.

As you can see, the Internet does not live by Google alone. Alternative options can not only help you find the right source of knowledge, but also broaden your general horizons.

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