11 reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

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The iPhone 12 line has a lot to offer. Smartphones have high performance, they write great videos, system updates happen very quickly, etc. If you still haven’t switched from Android to iOS, then this article is for you.

11 reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

Here are the top reasons to switch from Android to iPhone. Some of the reasons are related to the system, while others are related to the characteristics of the smartphone itself.

1. Long service

Apple does not purchase processors for its smartphones from other companies. Most Android smartphone manufacturers purchase processors from Qualcomm. The process of updating smartphones depends on Qualcomm.

Apple uses its own processors for the iPhone, and thanks to the tight integration of the system and technology, the company can release updates to smartphones within five years after their release. This means that updates for the iPhone 12 will be released until at least 2025.

2. Fast updates

Typically, Android smartphone manufacturers use Google’s version of Android, add more features to it, change the interface, go through a certification process, and only then release an update. All this takes a long time, and because of this, work on a system update can take several months.

It’s not like that for Apple. The company itself controls the entire process and can release system updates for its smartphones much faster.

11 reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

3. Confidentiality

Privacy is one of the key benefits of the iPhone. All applications ask the user for permission before tracking their data. IOS 14 brings a lot of privacy features. Now, when some application uses your camera or microphone, special icons are displayed on the smartphone.

Applications ask for access to your photos, they cannot get them on their own. You can always deny this access.

Many apps track your actions, and in iOS 14 this is not possible. The system does not allow stealing data from your clipboard.

4. Performance

Apple mobile processors are considered the most powerful on the market. They are always ahead of their competitors. Believe me, in practice, you will definitely feel the difference in the performance of smartphones.

5. Video recording

iPhone is the best in video recording of all smartphones. If you love filming video, then you need an iPhone. iPhone 12 can record HDR video with Dolby Vision at up to 30 frames per second. Many professionals use the iPhone in their photography.

6. Third party applications

It’s no secret that developers invest more time and effort in iOS apps rather than Android versions. Apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more have the best experience on the iPhone. While working on the Android version, the developer focuses on making his app work properly on both the cheapest and most expensive smartphones. There is no such nuance with the iPhone.

7. Exclusive Apps

In terms of app availability, iOS also wins. This is because iPhone owners are spending more money on apps. As a result, many new games and applications are released in the App Store first.

Some games and apps are available exclusively for iOS only. A recent example is the Clubhouse app.

11 reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

8. Integration with Mac

If you have a Mac, then you need an iPhone. Switching work between different Apple devices is very easy and convenient. For example, you can start typing a note on your iPhone and finish on your Mac. When the Notes app is active on your smartphone, a special icon appears in the Mac Dock.

AirDrop is another handy tool for iPhone and Mac. With it, you can easily and quickly send files from one device to another.

Are you getting a call on your iPhone? You can answer a call directly from your MacBook!

11 reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

9. Nothing more

Many Android smartphones have a lot of unnecessary apps preinstalled. Having bought a smartphone, you get a bunch of extra things with it. Yes, you can uninstall apps, but it takes time. This won’t happen with the iPhone. A few useful applications from Apple will be installed on the smartphone, which can also be uninstalled.

10. Accessories

There are dozens of different iPhone cases in any smartphone accessories store, which is not the case for Android smartphones. There are a lot of Android smartphones, and iPhone models take a long time to service. Therefore, it is simply more profitable for accessory manufacturers to release more products for the iPhone.

11. Conservation of value

Unlike Android smartphones, the iPhone retains its value very well over time. In addition, Apple controls the cost of its smartphones across different stores. The cost of the iPhone will definitely not drop in the first six months after its release.


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