12 failed Apple devices you might not know about

12 failed Apple devices you might not know about

In recent years, Apple has released many successful products – the iPhone, iPad Pro and Apple Watch are striking confirmation of this. But the name of the “apple” company has not always been synonymous with success. In the 80s and 90s, there were several high-profile failures at once. From PowerPC to Pippin, you can find a full list of Apple’s most notable files below.

IPod Hi-Fi speakers

12 failed Apple devices you might not know about

Stereophonic “acoustics” of Apple carried all the best features of the Cupertinians’ corporate design. But with the most important thing – sound quality – things were not so good. Competitive sound specialists easily ousted a beautiful product from the market, but it did not fulfill its main function.

Wired mouse washer

Round mouse Apple

Apple’s hockey puck-like mouse came with the first iMac. Unusual does not mean good: users found the innovation extremely inconvenient, and Apple had to reconsider its views on the ergonomics of its peripherals.

Macintosh TV

Apple Computer TV

In those days, when the Apple TV set-top box did not exist even in the minds of Apple designers, the company released Macintosh TV. The year was 1993. The novelty was an interesting hybrid of a TV and a computer, knew how to do everything … but very badly. A total of 10,000 units were sold, after which Apple closed the project. Learn more (and much more) about Macintosh TV in our dedicated resource.

Game console Pippin

Apple Pippin Console

Apple’s first attempt to enter the gaming console market. In 1996, Bandai released a console called Pippin for Cupertinos. Only 42 thousand units were sold during the year. The then management of the company made a logical decision to close this project as well.

Apple III computer

Apple III computer

The third iteration of the computer that brought Apple glory was to become a worthy successor to the Apple II . But the ill-conceived design proved to be such a problem that the company had to recall the first 14,000 Apple IIIs .

Pocket PC Newton (MessagePad)

Apple Newton (MessagePad)

One of the first PDAs (pocket personal computers) and the “forerunner” of the iPad. Apple Newton – that was the name of the operating system of the gadget, the device itself received the name MessagePad – was produced for six years, but it did not become a successful product. The main obstacles were the high price (up to $ 1,000 for the MessagePad 2100 shown in the picture) and the large size – the Newton did not fit into the pocket of ordinary clothes. The main function, handwriting recognition, did not work perfectly either.

QuickTake camera

Apple Quicktake camera

In 1994, Kodak released one of the first mass-market cameras for Apple. The experience turned out to be unsuccessful – the gadget cost $ 750, Cupertinians had no experience in selling photo products, and competitors quickly found ways to respond to QuickTake. Back at Apple, Steve Jobs removed this camera along with many other products.

Macintosh Portable Notebook

The first Apple Macintosh Portable laptop

The first Apple laptop . Aside from the poor display and battery issues, the Mac Portable also played against the price – in 1989, the device cost an impressive $ 7,300.

Power Mac G4 Cube Computer

Apple Power Mac G4 Cube system

Sales of the stylish desktop began in 2000. The price was traditionally high for Apple – $ 1,799. What is much more annoying, the Power Mac G4 Cube did not have an internal cooler, which led to overheating of the device. The next year sales of the computer were discontinued.

ROKR E1 mobile phone

Apple's first ROKR E1 phone

The iPhone was not Apple’s first phone . In 2005, Motorola made a special version of its ROKR music phone for the company. At the presentation, Steve Jobs touted the device as best he could. But neither Steve’s charisma nor iTunes support helped the gadget with a small amount of internal memory and slow file transfer. Motorola and Apple abandoned ROKR E1 sales already in 2006.

Cases – “socks” iPod socks

iPod socks чехол

Colored iPod sock cases were on sale in the Apple Store until 2012. They could never boast of special functionality. As a result, users did not actively buy the accessory, which, after wearing, may actually smell bad. In addition, by 2012, there were noticeably fewer users of the iPod itself.

Apple Bluetooth headset

Apple Bluetooth headset for the first iPhone 2G

The stylish accessory was introduced in 2007 along with the first generation iPhone. Sales of the headset were discontinued in 2009: the market showed interest in the smartphone, but not in the accessory. Since then, only third-party headsets have been sold in the Apple Store.

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