2021 iPad Pro will arrive on April , supported by chipset equivalent to M1

Ipad Pro Will Arrive April 2021 Supported By Chipset Equivalent.jpg

The iPad Pro is a product that Apple will release this year. Previous news said the iPad Pro was released earlier than expected. The iPad Pro 2021 was originally expected to be released sometime in January or March at the latest. And according to the latest Bloomberg report, the tablet will be introduced at an event held in April 2021.

Information regarding the presence of the iPad Pro, apart from the launching time, said the Apple iPad Pro 2021 Tablet is predicted to use a different screen technology from the previous generation of devices. In addition, the iPad Pro 2021 reportedly uses an A14x class processor, which is equivalent to the M1 processor. The Apple A14x processor is one of the most powerful processors that Apple has successfully developed.

Ipad Pro Will Arrive April 2021 Supported By Chipset Equivalent.jpg

Not only that, the new iPad Pro is said to use the Thunderbolt connector. It’s different from the current iPad Pro line which still uses the USB Type-C port.
The presence of the Thunderbolt connector is said to provide a better connectivity experience, including for external monitors, hard drives, and other peripherals.

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Not only the latest generation of iPad Pro, the report also mentions that there is a possibility that Apple will introduce the iPad Air which will have a thinner screen bezel.
However, other rumors also say that Apple will show off a new Hybrid OLED screen. The technology is likely to be implemented in the iPad 2022 model. Hybrid OLED is claimed to be thinner than the usual OLED panel but more powerful.

Apple officially introduced their first Mac with the Apple silicon M1 chip for their Mac computers. One of the advantages of the M1 is the unique features that will be present on the Mac. Several unique features from Apple such as the Apple Neural Engine, Apple Image Signal Processing, Apple Secure Enclave, and so on will be coming to Mac.