4 easy steps to make Samsung cellphone batteries efficient and last all day long

4 Easy Steps To Make Samsung Cellphone Batteries Efficient And.jpeg

The more applications available on smartphones, of course, will affect battery capacity, because there will also be more applications running on the processor.

4 Easy Steps To Make Samsung Cellphone Batteries Efficient And.jpeg

Even though you already use a large battery size, it doesn’t hurt to save your cellphone battery.

Samsung Galaxy M indeed known for its large battery size. Including the Samsung Galaxy M02 which is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery.

This smartphone comes with the Android 10 Operating System (OS) which is supported by One UI Core 2.5 . This UI is simpler, but the visuals are still clear and intuitive. So it’s easier to surf between menus and applications.

” Galaxy M02 which allows hardware and software on smartphones to work efficiently, ”said Irfan Rinaldi, Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia. Well, here are 4 tips from Samsung for making the Galaxy M02:

1. Turn on Power Mode
There are three battery power management modes according to user needs, namely, Optimized, Medium Power Saving and Maximum Power Saving. Through One UI Core 2.5, three Power Mode options can be accessed by going to the Settings menu, then selecting the Device Care menu, then selecting the Battery menu.

Select Medium and Maximum Power Saving, then the screen resolution and brightness will automatically be reduced so that battery consumption is not too wasteful. Processor speed is also reduced and the always on display feature is disabled.

If the battery is still wasteful, you can choose Maximum Power Saving which will disable various features, such as the Fingerprint Sensor and limit the applications that can be run.

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