4G vs 5G : Download and Upload Speed Comparison

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One of the operators in Indonesia has launched the 5th generation or 5G network some time ago.

And this technology is something that is highly anticipated, as well as a new thing in supporting the daily communication activities of smartphone users. We tried to give an idea of ​​what are the benefits and speed of 5G network for smartphone users.

To test 5G technology, we used the Oppo Reno 5 5G device. Testing was done in the Satria Mandala Museum area in Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta.

We divided three scenarios for tests, the three tests are carried out by comparing 5G speeds with 4G. For 4G testing, we used the Oppo A74.

The tests carried out are of course related to daily activities. For example uploading videos. This time the test was carried out by uploading and downloading files of 337MB to Google Drive.

File Upload and Download Time

The time it takes to upload a file with a 5G network is 3 minutes 40 seconds, while on a 4G network to upload a file of 337MB it takes 4 minutes, 48 ​​seconds

Download Games on Play store

In this download, low latency and maintained network speed provide better downloads.

4G vs 5G : Download and Upload Speed Comparison

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This time, we downloaded the 2.7GB Call of Duty mobile game.
On the 5G network, the time it takes to download this hardcore game is 2 minutes 26 seconds, while on 4G, it takes 12 minutes, 50 seconds.

4G vs 5G : Download and Upload Speed Comparison

Video streaming

Played Youtube video with high resolution of 4K/2160p then played the video by sliding the slider, no buffering. When opening and playing Youtube videos on a 4G network, there is minimal buffering while enjoying 4K videos.


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