5 Best Applications To Access FTP Server

5 Best Applications To Access FTP Server

FTP is a popular and widely used transfer protocol between computers. Through the FTP protocol, you can copy and move files from one computer to another in different places, as long as both are connected to the internet. In an FTP server connection, one computer has the role of a server , and one computer as a client

The most common scenario of using FTP is connecting from a personal computer as a client , then uploading files to the website server computer . But in principle, FTP can be applied to all computers connected to the internet, including communication between personal computers. You can use a personal computer (PC) or laptop as an FTP server to transfer files from another personal computer.

In order for your PC or laptop to become an FTP server , you must install an FTP server application. After the FTP server application is installed on your PC or laptop, you can transfer files between computers on a local network, or from another computer somewhere, if the running FTP server computer is connected to a public IP. The following are the 5 best FTP server applications that you can use.

  1. FileZilla Server

FileZilla server is an open source FTP server application created by FileZilla developers. For now, FileZilla server only supports Windows operating system. By installing FileZilla server , your Windows PC or laptop can function as an FTP server to receive file transfers from other computers on the same internet network.

FileZilla server has several excellent features that make it a powerful FTP server application . Following are the features of FileZilla Server:

    • Easy configuration with graphical interface
    • Enkripsi SSL/TLS
    • Compression
    • File permission
    • Speed ​​limitation
  1. ProFTPD

ProFTPD is a powerful open source FTP server application that is widely used on Linux-based servers . Although ProFTPD natively only runs on Linux and UNIX-like operating systems, this application can also be run on Windows operating systems, with the help of the Cygwin framework .

As a mature FTP server application , ProFTP offers several advantages including the following:

  • Have good security in data transfer
  • Support modules to increase functionality
  • Support IPv6
  1. CoreFTP Server

CoreFTP Server is an FTP server application that is part of the CoreFTP product. This FTP is a simple FTP server application that can be installed and set up in no time. Like the CoreFTP client application , CoreFTP Server also offers a free version that can be used by personal users. CoreFTP is compatible and runs on Windows operating systems.

  1. Xlight FTP Server

Xlight is an FTP server application for the Windows operating system that presents an attractive graphical interface and has a powerful performance . This FTP can be used for free for personal users. Xlight is designed to be able to handle multiple requests while still running without consuming a lot of resources

Here are some key features of Xlight FTP Server:

  • Light
  • Supports secure transfer
  • Supports multiple concurrent FTP connections
  1. vsftpd

vsftpd is an open source FTP server application for UNIX-like operating systems and is the default FTP server application for Linux Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora operating systems. Similar to ProFTPD, vsftpd is also a popular FTP server application and is widely used on Linux-based servers

Although it’s only compatible with Linux and UNIX-like operating systems, you can use vsftpd on your PC or laptop to make it an FTP server . For that, you have to install the Linux operating system on your PC or laptop, then install vsftpd through the Linux software repository that is used.

As the default FTP server application on several Linux distributions, vsftpd offers several key features, including the following:

  • Light
  • Secure file transfer
  • Hurry up
  • Support IPv6

Transferring files between devices is a routine activity performed in every modern work environment. By using FTP, file transfers between devices can be done more easily because it is done remotely , so users don’t have to walk and move places just to send files.

Because of its strategic function in the operation of an office, FTP server applications running on Windows operating systems are mostly distributed commercially. You must purchase a license to use the many commercial FTP server applications that are offered.

However, the above FTP server applications offer functionality and features that are not inferior to commercial FTP server applications . You can build an FTP server economically by using a PC or laptop and then installing an FTP server application for free. The process of transferring files between computers can take place more efficiently.


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