5 best browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) for Gmail that will make it easier to work with e-mails

Gmail is one of the most popular email services and offers a wide variety of features, including the ability to block spam and create an address book. There are many extensions for performing email-related tasks that can help you save time and simplify your email experience.

Checker Plus – reading emails without visiting Gmail

The Checker Plus extension saves you the hassle of going into your mail every time to check letters. With it, you can read correspondence, mark messages as spam, or archive them. To do this, you just need to click on the extension icon. In the settings, you can select the sound and volume level of the notification, its appearance, hide or show options. With Checker Plus, you don’t have to constantly monitor your mail for fear of missing something important.

Download Checker Plus for Google Chrome
Download Checker Plus for Mozilla Firefox

Right Inbox – automatic mailing

The extension will help organize automatic mailing, you only need to specify the date and time of sending the letter. Right Inbox also offers other features, such as email and click tracking, which will let you know when a recipient has opened and read a message or clicked on a link (if your email contains one). True, you will have to pay for additional functionality.

Download Right Inbox for Google Chrome
Download Right Inbox for Mozilla Firefox


By installing Mailtrack, you will always know if the recipient has read the letter you sent, and on which device it was opened. In the menu, you can select the settings for each message.

Download Mailtrack for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge


If you want to make your emails more personalized, install the WiseStamp extension. The program offers a number of options that allow you to add a variety of information, including name, phone number and website address, photo or company logo, etc. The free version offers only basic options, more advanced functionality is available in the paid version.

Download WiseStamp for Google Chrome


It is a powerful tool that lets you snooze messages, set reminders, track mail, create templates, or use it as a task scheduler. During the trial period, the functionality will be fully available, but after its expiration you will not be able to use a number of features.

Download Gmelius for Google Chrome