5 Best Free Antivirus For Your PC

5 Best Free Antivirus For Your PC

The rise of computer security problems has occurred in the last few months. A dangerous virus called Malware, the virus can steal important data, change it, and even take control of existing systems.

The role of antivirus which prevents the entry of viruses into the operating system on computer devices is crucial. The Cellular Team already has antivirus recommendations that are suitable for use for your laptop/PC.

In addition, this antivirus can be installed easily and can be used for free, just by visiting the official web owned by each antivirus developer to download the software that will be installed on your laptop/PC.

The following is a list of 5 antivirus recommendations according to the cellular team:

  1. Avira Antivirus

Avira is an antivirus that has existed since 1986, known for the quality of its User Interface (UI) that makes it easy for users to run scans. To detect viruses on the device.

In addition, Avira also has a protection cloud that functions to analyze files that contain viruses. Only by accessing the Avira Protection Cloud web. Then follow all the Analysis actions which will list the locations that are often the target of malware when running the scan, start-up and Windows service processes. It will create a digital signature on each file and send the generated hash to the cloud to check whether the file is clean, malware or unknown.

  1. Avast Antivirus

Avast is a software that is quite popular because it can protect laptops and computers from various malware attacks. Avast’s next feature can also protect user data from being hacked by hackers.

With the quality of service that Avast has, it turns out that this software can be used for free. The next feature that avast has is CyberCapture one of the features that can directly review all kinds of viruses that are on the user’s laptop / PC.

Until the types of trojans and macro viruses can all be cleaned by Avast. But if you want to use the malware detection feature you have to, pay for it.

  1. Norton 360 Antivirus

Norton 360 offers computer security protection, plus Web security, backup and computer maintenance tools. For Windows, Norton provides the 360 ​​Premier version, and for Macintosh Norton provides the Internet Security version.

You can use this software on up to five devices at once with one license. Norton 360 has collaborated with LifeLock which provides information to users if their identity is used or even traded illegally.

This software also provides a web service that flags malicious sites using phishing schemes.

  1. Kaspersky Total Security

This antivirus provides comprehensive protection against various types of information security threats, network and phishing attacks, and spam. Various protection functions and components are available as part of Kaspersky Total Security to provide comprehensive protection.

The features of Kaspersky are quite diverse because there are features such as Decent Parental Controls, Secure Browser, Anti-theft Protection, Webcam Protection, and VPN.

Kaspersky can also detect malware that is high up to 99.7%. Keep computer devices safe with strong antivirus protection. Kaspersky’s real-time detection blocks 100% of threats during testing with impressive results for any antivirus.

  1. Bitfender Antivirus

Antivirus performs a review using a very large malware directory and machine learning to detect easily recognizable and new types of malware.

Since most malware scanning takes place in the cloud, Bitdefender’s antivirus engine takes up a small amount of CPU storage and hard disk space during scanning.

The advantage of this application is that it can also be custom made for reviewing, without having to disturb the user with notifications when the computer is used.

The five antivirus recommendations above, can be your choice to reduce the threat of viruses that can interfere and even take the data you have.

Seeing the level of security of personal data that is currently in crisis, then we must take care of it by using an antivirus.

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