5 best guns in PUBG New State

5 best guns in PUBG New State

PUBG New State is the newest game in the PUBG franchise that has more modern graphics and gameplay quality than PUBG Mobile. Just like PUBG Mobile, this game has a variety of weapons that players can use to kill enemies. There are four types of weapons available in PUBG New State, namely Assault Riffle (AR), Submachine Gun (SMG), Sniper Rifle, and Shotgun.

Among the many weapons offered, players may be confused to choose a weapon when fighting.

Here are five best weapons in PUBG New State game:

1. AWM
AWM is able to take down enemies using only one bullet and this weapon can only be found in Air Drop because it has superior strength than other Sniper Rifles.

The damage done by AWM is 105 and has a range of 100. Therefore, AWM is considered efficient to kill opponents easily. However, this weapon has limited ammo.

2. DSR-1
Just like AWM, this weapon is one of the best Sniper Rifles in PUBG New State because it is able to kill opponents with just one shot, especially shots that hit the chest area.

DSR-1 can be an alternative choice for players who can’t find AWM from Air Drop. This weapon has a damage of 95 and a range of 100.

3. M24
M24 was brought from PUBG Mobile into this game. The M24 was once referred to as a bird rifle because of its similar sound and shape.

However, the M24 is not to be underestimated as this weapon has 79 damage with a range of 100.

4. Kar98K
One of the most popular Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile is also brought into the PUBG New State game. Although it doesn’t have as much output-damage as AWM, this weapon is easier to use in all situations.

The Kar98K produces a loud sound, so opponents who hear the sound of the weapon will generally know where the gunfire is coming from. Kar98K has 75 damage with a range of 100.

5. M416
This weapon is the best AR in PUBG New State because it has good DPS and high fire rate. Not only that, the M416 also excels in low recoil and makes it easier for players to operate it.

M416 is very suitable for novice players who are just entering PUBG New State because it can be used for all types of playing types.

The five weapons above can be a recommendation for PUBG New State players who want to use the best weapons to defeat the enemy.

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