7 best free vector graphics editor softwares

Vector graphics are the creation and construction of digital images using a series of mathematical formulas or logical operations that describe the placement of lines and shapes in two or three dimensions.

7 best free vector graphics editor softwares

Simply put, it is based on vectors connecting the start and end points, as well as other points, curves, and angles. Therefore, such images can be scaled without loss of quality. This format is widely used in printing, 3D graphics, CAD. This article lists popular free vector editors (including paid Adobe Illustrator) – take your pick!

Synfig Studio

Synfig Is a powerful open source 2D vector animation program with HDRI support. The animation is created in the program interface and then rendered on the server.

Synfig Studio allows small teams with limited resources to work with many different types of layers. Various effects can be applied to each layer or group of layers in real time. There are many types of layers: gradients, geometry, fractals, distortion, filters and transformations.

The program has vector twinning – this is a powerful tool for complete control over the result. Intermediate images will be built automatically. More than 50 layers available for static images and animation.

It is possible to create complex character models and other types of dynamic structures. The parameters of different layers are linked directly or using mathematical formulas. Skeletal animation is available that allows you to manipulate vector graphics. With its help, you can set the motion of raster images. There is a built-in tool for synchronizing music and voiceover with video sequences.



YouiDraw – vector open source editor with many customizable brushes. In the presence of modern tools, for example – a pencil for making simple lines and contours, as well as various tools for working with flowers.

You can work with dozens of customizable brushes and realistic paper textures. In point editing mode, as well as to draw straight lines and curves, you can use a pen, pencil, brush and switch elements. It is possible to combine shapes in five modes: add, intersect, exclude, split and delete.

You can resize, scale, and position a shape or text, and rotate or skew it as needed. The program is very convenient and simple. There are tools for logo design, including a ready-made set of styles, graphic templates and effects.

The main audience of YouiDraw is startups, agencies, enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses. The program was created in HTML5 Canvas, the data is stored in Google Drive. You can work in it from anywhere. It is a powerful web-based vector graphic design tool. The program integrates with almost any web application.



Inkscape – you need a powerful and free vector editor. You have a rich palette at your disposal, an eyedropper for choosing a color, copy / paste of a style, a texture fill, an editor for contour effects, a dotted stroke and a gradient editor. To manipulate objects, Z-order operations (raising and lowering layers), grouping objects and layers, and alignment and distribution are used.

Various tools for drawing lines and geometric shapes are available. Plus the ability to insert bitmaps, text and make clones. Lettering and simple elements are conveniently and easily converted into vector images.

It is possible to import and export files of various formats, including SVG, AI, PDF, PS, PNG and EPS. Export and conversion can be performed including through the command line.



If you need a program that can work together, then try Vectr… It’s easy to learn and use – it doesn’t take much time to learn. The program is cross-platform, so you can use the desktop or web version. Project files are automatically saved and synchronized in real time.

Collaboration enables real-time collaboration and synchronization of work. Online and offline versions are available for any platform. It is possible to import and edit SVG files and bitmaps that can be used as backgrounds. And also the program works with AI, EPS, PNG and JPEG formats.

Gravit Designer


Gravit Designer Is one of the best free vector graphics editors, which has all the tools a designer needs. In it you will find a powerful and intelligently arranged control panel, customizable interface, modern editing tools and support for object drag and drop. Everything you need is there, from color grading and lighting adjustments to filters and layer blending. The interface has been translated into Russian, but if you wish, you can switch to English.

The program has incredibly convenient alignment, in which objects are aligned to the edges and center points of the selection, as well as to the edges of the page. When designing web and mobile applications, it is convenient to work together on styles, master pages, symbols, and editing instances of the master object.

The program is capable of importing and editing PDF, EPS, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch files, as well as exporting multi-page PDF documents.



Skencil Is a flexible and powerful free interactive vector graphics application. For drawing, rectangles, ellipses, and curves are used, which can be filled and traced. You can undo an unlimited number of actions.

Skencil is written in a high-level interpreted Python language and is open source. Previously, this application was known as Sketch, and one of its popular features was text wrapping around an outline.

The program can export and import various file formats. There are settings for native format and Adobe Illustrator, PDF, and SVG files.

LibreOffice Draw


LibreOffice Draw Is an open source vector graphics editor that lets you do anything from a quick sketch to a complex plan. But mainly intended for working with graphs and charts. The maximum page size for technical drawings and general posters is 300 × 300 cm.

The program is part of the LibreOffice package developed by The Document Foundation. Here you can create pictures of any complexity and export them in standard formats, as well as insert tables, charts, formulas and other elements. The program is designed for a wide variety of images. Toolbars adapt to your preferences, style and tasks in one click.

LibreOffice Draw provides a tool for creating simple 3D objects: cube, sphere and cylinder. It can also be used to change the light source. There is a collection of images, sounds and animations that you can use in your work.

Special connecting lines can be drawn between objects to show the relationship. Objects in a drawing can be aligned (visual cues will help with this) and snap to guides and grid lines.

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator Is the industry standard for working with vector graphics, but it is paid (the only one on the list). Allows you to create logos, icons, typography, drawings, as well as layouts for print, site or mobile interfaces, videos.

AI has a customizable toolbar. Tools can be added or removed as you like. Group them according to your choice for convenient work. Of particular note is the global editing feature. If you edit duplicate text or identical objects, then the changes will immediately occur everywhere.

Millions of designers and artists, covering everything from web pages and product labels to book illustrations and billboards, work exclusively with this program.


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