7 Windows 10 Features that are not present in Windows 11

7 Windows 10 Features that are not present in Windows 11

After Microsoft announced that they would be holding a special event to discuss the future of Windows, many thought that Windows 11 would be the future in question. Sure enough, that assumption ended right with Microsoft officially announcing the existence of Windows 11.

As a new operating system, Windows 11 brings a myriad of new features. But on the other hand, the operating system which is scheduled to arrive later this year also removes some of the features that were in its predecessor, Windows 10.

What are they? Here’s a more complete review.

1. Internet Explorer

7 Windows 10 Features that are not present in Windows 11

Microsoft finally decided not to bring their favorite browser – Internet Explorer on their OS, starting from Windows 11 when it was released. Previously, Microsoft announced that they would be discontinuing support for IE in Windows 10 20H2 and later in 2022.

The elimination of IE is an attempt to push the evolution to Microsoft Edge which is now the favorite browser of many users. Although Windows 11 will not include IE as a separate browser, those who are interested can still try IE via IE Mode in Edge.

2. Cortana

7 Windows 10 Features that Microsoft Removed in Windows 11

Microsoft never really achieved their vision for Cortana and with the arrival of Windows 11, they decided to stop “forcing” Cortana on users. Cortana will not appear when users install Windows 11 or on the taskbar by default.

Even so, Cortana will still be available as a separate Windows application with the same functionality as in Windows 10. For foreigners, Cortana is a digital assistant that can simplify user work like Google Assistant on Android or Siri on iOS.

3. Tablet Mode

7 Windows 10 Features that Microsoft Removed in Windows 11

For users of the desktop version of Windows 10, it must be very foreign or even don’t know if there is such a thing as Tablet Mode. In short, when this mode is activated on Windows-based tablets, the UI or appearance of Windows 10 will be adjusted to be more friendly to compact devices such as tablets. Microsoft confirmed that Tablet Mode will disappear in Windows 11 but on the other hand, they say that Windows 11 will get increased functionality for touch screen devices that are not equipped with a keyboard.

4. Quick Status

7 Windows 10 Features that Microsoft Removed in Windows 11

Next is Quick Status which in Windows 10 allows users to display notifications such as weather conditions and new emails from selected applications directly on the lockscreen of their PC or laptop. Unfortunately, those who like this feature should be heartened to accept the fact that Quick Status will not be available in Windows 11. However, it is hoped that the new widget feature that will be present in Windows 11 can provide similar functionality as Quick Status in Windows 10.

5. Start Menu

7 Windows 10 Features that Microsoft Removed in Windows 11

Microsoft did not remove the Start Menu but instead replaced it with a newer one. If previously the Start Menu was on the left side with a combination display between Windows 7 and Windows 8, now the Start Menu has been moved to the middle with a newer appearance.

Live Tiles are confirmed to be dead and replaced with a “pinned” column containing applications that can be accessed quickly. But for those who are more comfortable with the Start Menu positioned on the left, Microsoft gives the option to move the Start Menu to its general position.

6. Taskbar

7 Windows 10 Features that Microsoft Removed in Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with a significant UI or visual overhaul and one that has received the impact of those changes is the taskbar. Now, the taskbar can only be positioned at the bottom and not resized like in Windows 10.

Actually you can, but those who want to have to do some tweaking via the registry considering that Microsoft doesn’t give an option to move or resize officially. Apart from that, the People icon has also been removed alongside some of the system icons that were previously present in Windows 10.

7. Built-in apps

7 Windows 10 Features that Microsoft Removed in Windows 11answers.microsoft.com

Finally, the default application in Windows 10 is one of the complaints of users because not many of them end up being used. In response to this complaint, Microsoft has finally eliminated several built-in applications such as 3D Viewer, OneNote for Windows 10, Paint 3D and Skype in Windows 11.

However, the apps are still available in the Microsoft Store for self-download. However, for those who have these applications on Windows 10 and upgrade to Windows 11 directly from Windows 10, the applications will still be available.

That was a review of the Windows 10 features that Microsoft removed in Window 11. Microsoft has not announced the exact release date of Windows 10, but they confirmed that their new OS will arrive later this year.

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