8 apps with strength training programs

Strength training without the help of an instructor often does not give the desired result, which makes many beginners drop out of the gym. Fortunately, thanks to technology, we now have dozens of instructor apps to help you practice at home. The best ones even take into account the user’s gender and offer a wide range of exercises for both men and women.



Strong is not just an exercise log, but a complete strength sports app with a rich workout portfolio to which you can add your own. Moreover, each exercise is accompanied by a video with a detailed analysis of the technique.

Strong also pays due attention to warm-up – an important element of every workout, significantly reducing the risk of injury when working with heavy weights. Beautiful graphs will help you track your progress by measuring your 1RM (maximum one-time repetitions) over a selected length of time. Synchronization with Apple Watch and Google Fit is available. Great app, definitely recommend to all gym lovers!

The disadvantages include the lack of an intensive interval training session, the lack of kettlebell lifting and only 3 sets of exercises in the free version.

Available for Android / iPhone.



JEFIT will help you both in installation and in achieving your individual goals. Your chosen workout program can always be supplemented with any of 1,300 video exercises with detailed instructions.

The app also contains training programs provided by other JEFIT users – this will give an additional boost to motivation on the way to the goal. There is a set of interval training and calisthenic exercises. You can of course keep track of working weights, reps, and other personal bests.

A very good application, completely free, but there are ads.

Available for Android / iPhone.

StrongLifts 5×5


There is nothing difficult in 5×5 workout: you work with weights 3 times a week, doing only basic exercises, with five sets of five repetitions, and all the other days your body is recovering. There are two programs: A and B, as well as recommendations for the selection of the working weight.

StrongLifts 5 × 5 is a great training aid, with detailed instructions and the ability to closely track your progress. Cons: you need a paid subscription to warm up and use the weight calculator.

Available for Android / iPhone.


fitbodIn this application, you will be offered strength training based on an AI algorithm. The Fitbod Algorithm thinks through every aspect of your workout, so you don’t have to worry about choosing weights or reps – each workout lays the foundation for the next. As you progress, the app will automatically recommend the right weights, and a large selection of exercises will keep you from messing around either at home or in the gym.

Of the minuses: sometimes it recommends clearly inappropriate weights, the instructions are not as detailed as we would like.

Available for Android / iPhone.



This app is developed by the renowned Bodybuilding.com platform. The two main features of BodyFit that the competition lacks are menu design and supplementation information. There are more than 60 training programs in total, including programs for both drying and weight gain.

Each exercise is accompanied by detailed instructions and videos from professional trainers, and the details of each workout can and should be entered into a convenient application log to track overall progress.

I found 2 cons in BodyFit – this is a small amount of exercises for beginners and a trial period of only 7 days, while you need to immediately specify the bank card number. If suddenly you do not like the application – do not forget to cancel your subscription! You can do this on Google Play by selecting the “Subscriptions” section.

Available for Android / iPhone.



FitnessAI, like Fitbod, uses artificial intelligence to create customized workouts. He will tell you when and how much to rest and he will calculate the weights for each session. According to the developers, the algorithms are based on a total of 5.9 million workouts. The application itself will introduce you to the available functions and help you choose the optimal program.

Available for iPhone.

Fitness Point


If you do not know English well, then we advise you to opt for Fitness Point. Having chosen the language, you will immediately start drawing up a special program for a particular muscle group. Eye-pleasing illustrations and animated instructions will show you how to do it correctly, and the AI ​​algorithm will suggest optimal exercises (there are more than 400 of them in total).

In the application, you can keep a log, the data from which can be exported to a CSV file. Supports Apple Watch.

Available for Android / iPhone.



Hevy offers several unique features: supersets and dropsets, warm-ups, and over 200 quality videos on every type of strength training, from barbells to elastic bands. You can add notes to your workouts and track your progress with graphs for each muscle group.

For extra motivation, you can share your workouts with friends, organize competitions, borrow exercises, leave comments, and just support each other in this difficult endeavor.

Available for Android / iPhone.

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