A bit of the story of Zang Yiming, the Chinese billionaire, founder of TikTok

A bit of the story of Zang Yiming, the Chinese billionaire, founder of TikTok

In 2020 there were reportedly 67 billionaires in Beijing. But now based on the latest Forbes report, that number has jumped sharply to 100 journalists, and the richest Beijing citizen on Forbes records one of them is Zhang Yiming the founder of video application TikTok, he is also the chief executive of ByteDance, the short video sharing application’s parent company.

Now based on this report, Yaming is predicted to have a fortune of up to US $ 35.6 billion, thanks to his activities in the world of technology and popularity through the Tiktok application.

Long before his current success, Zhang was an ordinary employee. After graduating from Nakai University, majoring in software engineering in 2005, he immediately got a job at a website for booking trips called Kuxun.

In his first year, Zhang was just an ordinary staff employee. However, this man who was born on April 1, 1983 is known as a persistent and hard-working figure, also supported by in-depth knowledge in the field of computers, in his second year Zhang was immediately trusted to hold the responsibility for back end technology positions, as well as other tasks related to products where he was placed. learn it.

In 2008, Zhang left Kuxun to work at Microsoft, even though he was in a giant technology company he did not feel happy, on the contrary, the strict regulations of the company made him uncomfortable, until he decided to leave in 2009.

And after leaving Microsoft, Zhang started to start a start-up, at that time, when Kuxun was acquired by Expedia, Zhang took over the Kuxun real estate search business and started 99fang.com, as his first company.

In addition, in 2012, Zang’s technology business observations were also tested for his sharpness. When he saw that smartphone users in China were in desperate need of information, he created the Toutiao news app under ByteDance, and it only took him 2 years that the application was already attracting more than 13 million users every day. Sequoia Capital even came to lead a US $ 100 million investment in the company in 2014.

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Then Zhang was assigned to focus on expanding ByteDance’s businesses globally. And again he lacks the minds of most Chinese tech entrepreneurs, who are focused on the domestic growth of the company.

At that time Zhang insisted on pushing for applications that could support ByteDance’s chosen work productivity, namely Lark to have a large market, targeting America, Europe and Japan, rather than limiting the focus to China as originally proposed.

And interestingly, Zhang, who is a hard worker, is then firm, and persistent, the concept of working is very interesting. Like Mark Zuckerberg who is relaxed, without a gap with his employees. In fact, he is also reluctant to be called a boss or CEO, of course this is outside the custom of companies in China.

The high point of Zhang’s career was in September 2015 where ByteDance launched his video sharing app TikTok (known as Douyin in China). The idea of ​​a simple and fun social media, Zhang’s product immediately stole the hearts of millennials, and became popular around the world. Plus Zhang’s strategy when buying Musical.ly in 2016 for US $ 800 million has further smoothed Tiktok’s success line.

The application, which is synonymous with the short video, appears very flexible and fun because it is immersed in various music in it, and in 2018, Tiktok under Digin Zhang’s hand managed to pocket 1 billion monthly users across all of its mobile applications.

At that moment ByteDance, becoming a potential technology company worth US $ 75 billion, surpassed Uber to become the most valuable startup in the world. And of course, behind that success there is Zhang’s strong role, his coffers at that time were getting thicker, estimated at $ 22.6 billion, and in 2018 he was lined up to become the 9th richest person in China despite his young age.

Decisive Figure

What we can learn from the figure of this Tiktok boss is how he makes good use of all opportunities, as well as a clear view when executing a business.

He has a principle, and he consistently applies it during his career, is to always do the best in any position he works for, including his first job at Kuxun.

A bit of the story of Zang Yiming, the Chinese billionaire, founder of TikTok

And that principle was also reflected in his time in the key position of ByteDance, when he in the technology sector found a colleague struggling on the product team. Zhang did not remain silent, instead he tried to provide assistance.

Although many say that he shouldn’t. But Zhang believes a sense of responsibility and a desire to do his best will lead him to something big.

Then his stern figure was also seen when he rejected Microsoft’s proposal in 2020. There are many stories behind it, and one of them is that Zhang was reportedly offended by Microsoft’s statement which called TikTtok a risk or security problem that could be fixed by Microsoft. This statement emerged during the bargaining process with the US government and a number of local state agencies.

As a result, Zhang was angry and allegedly rejected Microsoft’s offer, even though the number of offers prepared by Microsoft is quite fantastic, which is said to be more than 20 billion US dollars or around Rp 296 trillion.

This also reaffirms how Zhang, as a start-up, really maintains his business well, with a solution-oriented orientation for his platform.

So that Zhang’s integrity as a business actor in the technology sector is again highly tested. The wad of money given is of no value to him, especially when it comes to his enthusiasm for building a business, which ultimately means that Zhang is able to contribute to the wider community at least.


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