A Huge Database Of Telegram Users Were Made Publicly Available Online

A Huge Database Of Telegram Users Were Made Publicly Available Online

A database that contains personal data of approximately 775 thousand Telegram users appeared online. It is filled with information about the inhabitants of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

There are 774 871 lines in the database with the following types of data:

  • User ID (Telegram ID)
  • Phone number
  • User nickname
  • Name and surname


Obviously, the database was collected by parsing, that is, a special robot added Telegram users to their contacts and thus received phone numbers (if the user did not hide his number with privacy settings). In fact, this is not a leak, but only an automated collection of data that was not reliably hidden enough. Telegram settings allow you to remove a phone number even from friends, not to use a nickname and, of course, replace the real name and surname with fictitious ones.

This database can be used by scammers or spammers, but there is no particular scope for this. They can only call a person and say his name and surname, but why do this is not entirely clear. Of course, using social engineering, even with such a meager set of data, you can creep into trust in order to lure money, but usually fraudsters need more input data (for example, bank card number, city or address of residence, account passwords, etc.)

It is unlikely that Telegram will consider this leak dangerous and will take measures to protect users whose data has leaked to the public. Those who wanted to take care of their safety went into the settings for a long time and hid all the data that should not become publicly known.

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