All In One Calculator v2.1.1 Pro

With more than 35 Unit Converters and Calculator in a single app, you won’t need another app for doing your unit conversions and calculations.

Key features –

* General Calculator – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square root, Exponents

* Unit Converters – Temperature, Length, Mass/Weight, Area, Volume, Angle, Data, Energy, Number System, Pressure, Shoe Size

* Health Calculators – BMI Calculator, BMR Calculator, Daily Calorie Intake Calculator, and Ideal Body Weight Calculator

* Finance Calculators – Calculators for calculating Tips, Tax, Discounts, Compound Interest and Simple Interest

* Math Calculators – Calculators for Algebra and Geometric Problems

*** Algebra – Equations, Fractions, GCF/LCM, Percentage, Permutation and Combination

*** Geometry – Area, Perimeter, Surface Area, Volume, Heron’s Formula

Need more calculators or unit converter? Contact us through our email and we will add them soon.


All_in_one_Calculator-Pro-v2.1.1_build_211-Mod.apk – 10.4 MB

All-in-one_Calculator_and_Unit_Converter_(PRO)-v8_build_8.apk – 3.3 MB

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