American Nuclear weapon maker company hit by REvil Ransomware

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The American company Sol Oriens, associated with the production of nuclear weapons, was attacked by the ransomware REvil. The hackers announced an auction and sold the data stolen during the attack, reports Bleeping Computer.

Reporters noted that Sol Oriens is officially helping “the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy, organizations and contractors in the aerospace industry, as well as technology companies in the implementation of complex programs.”

However, CNBC recently discovered number of vacancies which give a more detailed view of the work of Sol Orien. It turned out the company was looking for, for example, program managers, consultants, and a “nuclear weapons systems expert” to work with the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA). The duties of such a staff member include “planning and managing nuclear weapons extension programs and associated stockpiles as they relate to the maintenance of highly reliable and safe nuclear deterrents”.

American Nuclear weapon maker company hit by REvil Ransomware

According to Bleeping Computer, last week the hack group REvil listed the companies whose stolen credentials were auctioned off. The list also includes Sol Oriens, and hackers claim to have stolen and sold business and employee data, including salary information and social security numbers.

As evidence of the hack, REvil representatives posted images of employee hiring documents, salary and payment reports. Moreover, hackers threaten to share this documentation and data with military agencies of their choice.

Sols Oriens representatives have already confirmed that the company was attacked and reported that the incident took place in May 2021.

“The investigation is ongoing, but we recently determined that an unauthorized person acquired certain documents, from our systems. These documents are currently under study, and we are working with a third-party cyber forensic firm to determine the amount of data that could be compromised.

We currently have no evidence that sensitive customer data or critical security information may have been harmed in the incident. After the completion of the investigation, we undertake to notify the individuals and legal entities whose data was affected. “


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