Among Us Game is now Integrated with Twitch and Discord

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The new Among Us update fixes Crewmate Pink crew errors, and adds Twitch capabilities, as well as Discord invites on mobile devices.

Thanks to this update, players can now access Twitch and send Discord invites directly from game settings.

Getting Ready New Map Of Among Us Will Be Released.jpg

It’s reported that Engadget, as it is known who has been playing Among Us on a Chromebook or Android device in the past month may have noticed an unusual glitch in which a crewmate appears as a big pink blob.

Apart from in-game errors, Crewmate Pink is also seen floating around the main menu. The pink crew error frustrated many gamers, as it became difficult to identify players with the correct color and to see them correctly on the map.

The update also allows players to link Discord accounts to Among Us via an in-game settings screen to send game invites directly to Discord servers.

Other players who accept the invitation can simply press “Join” from the Discord message to join the game.

From the settings screen, players on mobile devices will also see a Start Streaming On Twitch button which allows players to share live streaming Among Us in real time on Twitch.

InnerSloth is likely to add some more, bigger updates over the coming May and June.

Previously, Innersloth announced a new update for Among Us. In this update, Innersloth says it has fixed some bugs and also brings new features like more colors, expanded lobby, new meeting screen and more.

Innersloth expands the size of the lobby with up to 15 players. The maximum number of players per previous lobby was 10. Among Us will also soon get six new colors.

Just to remind you, Among Us was first released in 2018, but only exploded last year when people switched to the game while filling the void during the Covid-19 pandemic. In November last year, it was reported that the number of people playing the game was about half a billion people.

Because this game has become very viral, this is what makes InnerSloth developer cancel the sequel he is planning, and choose to focus first on this game. For now, the game is available for PC, iOS, Android, and Switch, with an Xbox port coming out soon this year.


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