Android 12 first official promo video leaked

Android 12 first official promo video leaked

Journalist John Prosser has published a promo video showing the interface features of the next version of Android. It will be announced next week as part of the opening of the I / O developer conference.

The video is of low quality – probably a screenshot at an internal Android 12 presentation among Google employees. Nevertheless, even such a video allows you to get an impression of what this update will be like.

Judging by the video, in Android 12, the interface has been significantly redesigned and improved, and there will be ample opportunities for personalization. There are many differences from Android 11, at least visually. The video says Android 12 brings a beautiful new interface, heightened privacy protections, and allows the user to interact with different devices.

Android 12

Some of the interface elements shown in the video have been redrawn with higher quality. Here we see the clock, player widget, weather, notifications, and various buttons. The main distinguishing feature of all these elements is the roundness and the absence of right angles and sharp outlines. However, this is stock Android, and manufacturers are free to change its interface and capabilities as they like, so the UI for smartphones of various brands may look completely different.

Google has already released several experimental builds of Android 12 for developers. This summer, a stable beta version should be released, and the official release of the update will take place closer to autumn.



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