Android 12 Go Edition is 30% faster than previous generation

Android 12 Go Edition is 30% faster than previous generation

Google announced release of Android 12 Go Edition. This version of the operating system is based on Android 12 and is designed for smartphones with weak technical characteristics.

As indicated by Google, smartphones with Android 12 Go Edition will run 30% faster than the same models with Android 11 Go Edition, which, in turn, is 20% faster than the previous version of the Go Edition.

Android 12 Go Edition saves battery power by freezing applications that have not been used for a certain time in the memory. The interface of the new operating system has smoother animation effects, and the Go Files app allows you to recover files within 30 days after deletion. Android 12 Go Edition also adds support for Nearby Share from the “adult” version of Android. With its help, you can exchange files between devices that are nearby, without using Internet traffic. In the privacy and security settings, there are new options that allow you to control application access to system functions (for example, microphone, camera and geolocation information).

The release of smartphones based on Android 12 Go Edition will begin in the first quarter of 2022. A little later, it will be possible to update existing devices to this version of the OS.

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