Android 12 Offers New Face Navigation

Android 12 Offers New Face Navigation

Android developers continue to innovate to provide convenience for users. Now, the latest Android is Android 12 is also available in beta.

One of the most interesting features in Android 12 is the camera switch feature. Because, the features covered in the options accessibility it makes the user able to operate smartphone use facial gestures.

Android 12 Offers New Face Navigation

That is, this feature is similar to the feature voice comand which allows users to perform tasks without using touchscreen.

With this feature, the navigation of the device can be done with a number of gestures on the face. The gestures include smiling, raising eyebrows, turning to the right and left and pointing the head up and opening the mouth.

This feature itself can be activated by going to the Settings > Accessibility > Switch Access > Settings > Camera Switch option.

With features that rely on face recognition from this front camera, users can choose a number of options displayed on the screen using facial gestures.

The presence of this feature certainly makes it easier for users. Because, features voice command sometimes it doesn’t feel right to be used in certain conditions such as during a meeting or formal meeting.

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