Android 12 Will Have A Special Game Mode

Android 12 Will Have A Special Game Mode

So far, Google has not been said to provide amazing things for games on its previous operating system.

However, with Android 12, Google started shipping game modes to enhance the experience on non-gaming phones.

Android Police reports that this mode doesn’t work yet but is user-accessible, and all the elements seem to be there.

If you want to check it, it can be seen in Game mode, which is stored in the Settings> Digital Wellbeing> Do Not Disturb> Schedules option. The placement of this game mode may be very unique because it is not usually displayed in a hidden manner.

However, this indicates that Google is planning to bring this mode directly into the operating system at the core level.

Clicking on the game mode will lead to a new menu displaying six options to choose from.

Starting from Quick Screenshots, Screen Recording, On-screen FPS, to Dont Disturb.

Android 12 Will Have A Special Game Mode

Android Authority also found the same mode when tasting Android 12 beta via Google Pixel 4. In addition, there are also Game Optimization and YouTube Live options.

This means that Google really wants to bring this game mode feature directly to the OS, not just to software that has been provided by many other companies. Predicted, Google will activate it for the next version of Android 12 beta.


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