Apex Legends Mobile Trial Has Started

Apex Legends Mobile Trial Has Started

Previously, it was rumored that Apex Legends would launch a mobile version, and was preparing to do a limited and private trial in 5 countries. And according to Cellular monitoring last month, gamers in Indonesia have pre-registered on the Google Play Store by clicking the Pre-register button.

Now Apex Legends Mobile Android is entering a closed beta test (CBT) in Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Egypt, Lebanon, India, and the Philippines. It is reported that a number of countries have been able to download the game and play the closed beta testing version.

This was conveyed directly by the Twitter account developer Apex Legends Respawn, early this morning, they announced that close beta testing had been held for Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Unfortunately, at this stage, not everyone can play it.

Apex Legends Mobile Trial Has Started

On the official Google Play Store page of this game, it is written that the number of people who can play the closed beta testing version of Apex Legends Mobile will be very limited. If you have pre-registered and received an invitation email to download the game, the sign is that you can play it.

Of course, the closed beta testing version will be reset when the game is officially released. So the progress of the game will not be saved permanently for now. In the officially released version, there may also be changes or additions to features and quality compared to the current one.

The file size of the Apex Legends Mobile game in the closed beta testing version is 1.2GB with an additional 1.25Gb file downloaded at the beginning of the game. So it is natural that after downloading if the smartphone does not support the player will get a message.

The message indicates that the Android device used does not meet the minimum specifications required to play Apex Legends. The developer only supports a few Android devices in this CBT stage. The message also says that players are asked to upgrade Android device used to be able to play Apex Legends Mobile in this CBT stage.

However, it is possible that Respawn as a developer will add more Android device support when Apex Legends is released in full. If the device or smartphone The Android used meets the specifications, of course, you can play Apex Legends Mobile right now.

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The gameplay offered is still the same as the PC, the maximum number of players is only 60 people, not 100 players with one team consisting of three players.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The gameplay of this game will be positioned in the same universe as Titanfall. The game that has been released on various gaming platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One is indeed one of the most popular game titles, and has been downloaded more than 25 million times and there are more than 2 million online players playing simultaneously.

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