Apple AirTag Received A New Software Update

Apple AirTag Received A New Software Update

Apple has released a software update for its AirTag smart tag. The resource 9to5Mac drew attention to this.

New build of software for AirTag with number 1.0.291 (1A287b) began distribution tonight. The update was released two months after the previous 1.0.276 (1A287b) – recall that last time Apple upgraded and fixed the anti-stalking function.

Unlike the previous update, Apple currently does not provide information on innovations or fixes in software 1.0.291. Earlier, the company confirmed that the proprietary Locator application will be released for Android (this will also happen as part of protection against surveillance) – perhaps the new update brings some changes that are necessary for compatibility with Android. However, the application itself did not appear on the network at the time of publication.

To find out what version of software is currently installed on your AirTag, open the Find My app and tap the Devices tab at the bottom of the screen. Select AirTag from the list of devices – the serial number and firmware version of the smart tag should appear on the screen.

It is not possible to manually update the AirTag – Apple did not provide such a button. According to the company, the smart tag, like the AirPods, should be updated automatically and invisibly to the user. After the official release of the update, AirTag will update itself – just keep it within the Bluetooth range of your iPhone or iPad.

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