Apple fined $ 10 million for selling iPhones without charger

Apple fined $ 10 million for selling iPhones without charger

THE Procon-SP, consumer protection agency, fined this Friday (19) the Apple at R $ 10 million for selling the new iPhones without a charger. The entity understands the practice as abusive, based on the Consumer Protection Code (CDC). The accessory was removed from the company’s devices at the launch of the iPhone 12 in 2020.

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The devices purchased after the company’s posture change came without the plug adapter, only with the cable. The headphones were also removed. According to big tech, the decision is part of Apple’s “environmental goals”, to become 100% carbon neutral by 2030 and reduce electronic waste. Previous models from the catalog also started to have only the cable in the box.


Shortly after its launch in October, Procon-SP asked the company for explanations. At the time, Fernando Capez, the agency’s executive director, had already mentioned the abusive practice. “The separate sale of the device and the charger is an innovation that can constitute an abusive practice, as one needs the other to be useful. Apple practically forces the consumer to make two purchases of the same product, practically a bundle sale ”, he explained, at the time.

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A few months later, in December, the consumer protection agency pointed out that the company should rather offer chargers to those who buy cell phones, at no additional cost. After the notification, Procon-SP stated that it did not receive a satisfactory response from Apple. The company said that since there are already many phones sold with compatible chargers, there was no need to include the accessory.

Another point raised by Procon now would be misleading advertising, as it stated that the iPhone 11 Pro was water resistant. Devices on the model were defective after exposure to water, but Apple did not take over the repair. Apple can appeal.

Also in January 2021, consultancy Counterpoint Research estimated that Apple saved $ 4.20 with each charger and headset. In total, the savings in just three months was US $ 264 million, something around R $ 1.4 billion.