Apple has globally updated its privacy system in iOS 15. Here’s All the innovations from A to Z

Apple has globally updated its privacy system in iOS 15. Here's All the innovations from A to Z

On June 7, 2021, Apple introduced its new operating systems: iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey. They will not give us so much new – but what is, it is very important to know. For example, updating the privacy system.

Apple has globally worked on this topic – now many of the weak points of the OS have been closed. In this article, we have collected all the details about the new privacy system in the “ecosystem” Apple.

Mail app

Earlier, we talked about how big brands, sellers and retailers can embed so-called ad pixels in their mailings. Such a pixel, being inside the letter, could tell the sender when and in what geolocation the letter was read, and many other details. Now the standard Mail application makes it possible to disable ad pixels’ access to information about the device and its owner.

The Safari

Browser application has once again been pumped up in terms of saving personal data. For example, now Safari is able to hide the real IP address from websites so that they cannot track the user’s movement across the network, as well as his exact geolocation. In addition, privacy reports have appeared in Safari on the iPhone and iPad – previously they were brought to macOS Big Sur. By clicking on the corresponding icon, you can see a list of sites that have requested our data and the number of such requests. 


Apple has redesigned its voice assistant, and the most important thing to know is that Siri now handles most of the requests right on the device. In terms of convenience, this change has been “requested” for a long time, but only now has it been made in the context of confidentiality. The second fact follows from the first – the speed of processing requests has increased significantly. 


App Privacy Report A

new section, App Privacy Report, has been added to Settings for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. It allows you to see how applications are using the permissions granted to them. For example, the user will be able to monitor when and how many times the video calling application used the camera and microphone, and verify if he called someone at that time. Thus, any unauthorized use by applications of permissions to access the camera, microphone, geolocation and other bottom is excluded.

Apple ID and iCloud

The company has introduced something completely new. Now you can restore access to your Apple ID using the “trusted persons”. This feature is useful if the account owner has forgotten the password and does not have access to their phone number. Trusted persons can be added in the account settings in advance; when recovering their password, they will receive a verification code that the owners of the Apple ID must provide – only he can use the code.

The second innovation in Apple’s cloud storage is Digital Heritage. This function allows you to pre-select a user who will have access to all data of the owner of the device in the event of his death. This is a pretty useful feature, since until now you had to make a request to Apple support and confirm the fact of a person’s death in order to gain access to his data and devices.


ICloud +

Subscription Apple’s new subscription gives you even more online security. We talked about it in more detail here. 

These are not all the innovations that were shown at WWDC 2021. For example, here you can learn about the new macOS Monterey, and here – about the innovations in iOS 15. 


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