Apple has released iOS 14.4.1 for everyone. Is it worth updating?

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Today, March 8, Apple released iOS 14.4.1 to everyone. The update came out without preliminary testing, which indicates its emergency nature. Obviously, Cupertino was in a hurry to release an update. Anyway, Monday is a completely atypical day for newer OS versions. Usually the company prefers to release them on Tuesday. And since she chose not to wait for it, then she had her own reasons not to delay the update, which is focused on fixing bugs.

Apple did not specify exactly what changes the developers made in iOS 14.4.1, unlike iOS 14.5, which is now in beta testing and promises to be one of the largest updates. However, it is known for certain that the update does not contain any new functions.

The only thing that the company preferred to disclose was the presence of “important security changes.” In this regard, it is recommended to install the update to all users, without exception, regardless of the device they are using.

How to install an iOS update

To install the update you will need:

  • Go to “Settings” – “Software update”;
  • Search for available updates;
  • Download iOS 14.4.1 and wait for the update check;
  • Confirm the installation by entering the passcode.

Update check failed. What to do

It is important to understand that if the device on which you are going to install iOS 14.4.1 has a small amount of memory, and the space available to you is occupied by personal data that you do not want to delete, there is an alternative way to update. It consists in using the system utility iTunes or its equivalent, which appeared in macOS two years ago.

  • Connect iPhone to computer and launch iTunes;
  • Go to the device management section;

Updating via iTunes still remains relevant

  • In the window that opens, select “Software update”;
  • Wait for the update to download and install.

Obviously, iOS 14.4.1 isn’t the last update coming this week. Most likely, tomorrow Apple will release iOS 14.5 beta 4, switching to the weekly release of test builds. Until now, the company has preferred to release new versions every two weeks, during which each phase of beta testing lasted, but, most likely, from April 9, it will cut their duration in half.

New features in iOS 14.5

IOS 14.5 will have a lot of security features

iOS 14.5 promises to be one of the largest mobile OS updates from Apple since the release of iOS 14 last fall. The update includes the largest number of innovations, the significance of which is truly difficult to overestimate:

  • Anti-tracking system that prohibits developers from spying on users without their permission;
  • Cleansing sensitive data of users submitting search queries to Google;
  • Unlocking iPhone with Face ID using Apple Watch (subject to being masked);
  • Prohibition of tracking by sites of clicks, movements of the mouse, cursor and other manipulations;
  • The ability to replace the standard “Music” application with an alternative one, for example, Spotify;
  • The picture-in-picture feature, which was blocked, is working again on the web version of YouTube;
  • 5G support on iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max on both SIM cards at once;
  • Assessment of credit card applicants’ solvency in the Wallet app (US only);
  • Apple Card Family bank account support for joint budgeting;
  • Stream workouts from Apple Fitness + via AirPlay 2 to compatible devices such as Smart TVs.

If tomorrow Apple releases the fourth beta version of iOS 14.5, most likely, the release version of the update can be expected exactly by the beginning of April. In this case, the company will release 7 test assemblies, which should be enough to test and debug all the planned innovations.