Apple hid the Easter egg in the presentation invitation. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it looks pretty

Apple hid the Easter egg in the presentation invitation. It doesn't work for everyone, but it looks pretty

All Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the presentation on April 20, 2021. The new “bull’s-eye” made of multi-colored ribbons makes some people wonder about hints of future products, while others – skeptically laugh at their fantasies. But Apple is showing us something interesting right now. For example, an interesting Easter egg is hidden in the presentation logo.

This time there is not just animation, buttons being pressed or similar simple things. If you go to the home page, and then select the presentation banner, you will see an invitation and a colorful logo. Click on it – and in a couple of seconds augmented reality will appear on the screen. Colored ribbons will begin to fly around the user, and if you follow them with a smartphone camera, you can catch the moment when ribbons form on one of the surfaces around you.

A banner will appear at the bottom of the display asking you to add the Apple Event to your calendar so you don’t forget about it. By the way, this reminder can be useful for Russians – on the Apple website, the start time of the presentation is sometimes indicated only for the United States, but the event is added to the calendar taking into account local time. Easter Egg doesn’t work for everyone – for example, on a Mac, clicking on the logo has no effect. It may not work on Android either – share it in the comments if you try it yourself.

Apple is expected to unveil multiple devices on April 20. In particular, we can see the updated iPad Pro, Air and “frameless” mini 6. In addition, there were many rumors about the AirTag smart tag – the company even made changes to the “Locator” application, teaching it to track not only devices, but also personal things.


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