Apple is developing a completely new OS called homeOS

Apple is developing a completely new OS called homeOS

Apple plans to release a completely new operating system – homeOS. This was reported by the AppleSfera website with a link to the company’s job site.

French developer Joan Luis Diaz has discovered a new job on Among other things, the list of responsibilities stated that the applicant would need to work with iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and homeOS. Reporters suggested that the latest OS from the list will replace the current one inside HomePod smart speakers in the future. However, that’s not all: on the same page, Apple calls homeOS a “mobile operating system.” The context suggests that it could be built into portable devices like the iPad or iPhone, not just the speaker.


The following was literally written: “The Apple Music Frameworks team owns a technology stack that allows you to integrate Apple Music into any of our mobile platforms: iOS, watchOS and homeOS. Notably, tvOS is not mentioned in this list. A few hours later, the name homeOS was removed from the profile in two places. It was replaced by the terms tvOS and HomePod.

HomeOS references removed

Analysts suggest that Apple is preparing a completely new operating system that will form the basis of all compatible Apple TV and HomePod, as well as other (possibly future) smart home devices. Against the background of rumors about a future device that will combine the properties of Apple TV and HomePod, such an assumption seems most likely. In addition, in the concept of the future HomePod with a display, there was an implementation option in which the screen was not built into the HomePod body, but was attached from the outside using a movable “leg”.


Insiders then suggested that a special version of the iPad mini could serve as a display for the HomePod – and the conclusion that homeOS is capable of running on an iPad confirms this idea. In any case, already this fall we can see a radically new device based on a new proprietary operating system.


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