Apple Patents Transparent Glass iPhone Design

Apple Patents Transparent Glass iPhone Design

Apple is reportedly going to make a new breakthrough for the iPhone design in the future.

Apple will introduce a revolutionary technology to the market. Apple registers a patent for a full glass device. The patent has reportedly been registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and was registered on November 16.

As Apple Insider reports, the patent details an iPhone encased in glass with touchscreen buttons on the edges. Designs for all-glass Mac computers and Apple Watch are also described.

Apple Patents Transparent Glass iPhone Design

Conventionally, glass has been used in such devices to provide a transparent window over the touchscreen on the front of the device. The device will look like a piece of glass. This will be achieved by joining six pieces of glass using a technique that reduces the number and visibility of seams.

Apple has also detailed how to assemble and disassemble the device. These will come with a “Stamp” at the top or a button through which the component can exit.

Apple Patents Transparent Glass iPhone Design

It have a transparent back or have a structure with an adjustable display.

This structure can be seen through the transparent part of the housing, allowing the display of the device to be controlled.

But it is not yet known whether the company will make this product, given that many patents were filed for the technology that never made it to the commercial market.

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