Apple Wins Lawsuit, Epic Games Must Indemnify USD 3.5 Million

Apple Wins Lawsuit, Epic Games Must Indemnify USD 3.5 Million

The legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games (Fortnite) has come to light. Apple has reportedly won a lawsuit against Epic Games. However, the lawsuit has an impact on both parties. In the future, Epic Games will have to change its in-app purchase policy, as well as give developers more power in the game platform iOS.

Epic Games and Apple’s legal case has been going on for more than a year. The creators of Fortnite are challenging Apple’s proposed restrictions on apps that have payment options beyond those offered on the App Store. Fortnite itself made the move to avoid Apple’s 30 percent revenue cut on every purchase made on the App Store.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers found Epic Games breached their contract with Apple after they implemented their own in-app purchase system. Thus, forcing developers to pay back 30 percent of their revenue.

However, Rogers also issued a permanent injunction imposing new restrictions on the App Store rules. Basically, all apps should allow developers to direct users to alternative payment options.

The ruling takes effect on December 9, but there is still a chance it will be challenged and rejected in a higher court. The verdict is considered the most significant of the lawsuits. Some parties also considered the decision as a big win for Apple. Because, with the decision, it means that Epic Games – the developer of Fortnite – must pay a loss of around USD 3.5 million to Apple.

Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, claims the battle with Apple is not over. He considered the decision was not a victory for developers or consumers. He vowed to keep fighting.

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