Apple’s Find My app rolls out the Safety Alerts feature

Apples Find My App Rolls Out The Safety Alerts Feature.jpg

The new Item Safety Alerts feature in the Find My Apple app is available in the iOS 14.5 beta update. This feature will notify the user if an unknown random device in the Find My application moves with the user, so that the user can delete or deactivate it.

Apples Find My App Rolls Out The Safety Alerts Feature.jpg

This security feature, as quoted by Mashable, is likely designed to solve the problem of a Find My compatible device hidden in a pocket or bag and used to track someone’s movements.

This setting was enabled by default in the beta and Apple seems to want the feature to stay active.

If the user turns off the setting, the system will warn the user that unknown devices can see the user’s location without the user knowing it.

As is known, Apple introduced the Find My application on iOS 13 and macOS Catalina at WWDC 2019. This application replaces Find My iPhone and Find My Friends which have been available on iOS devices.

Not only changing names, Find My also has a new feature that is very secure and can help find lost Apple devices, but uses the help of other Apple devices around.

Even more sophisticated, the Find My feature can share the location of a lost device using a Bluetooth connection even when not connected to the internet, aka offline.

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The Bluetooth connection can be accepted by other Apple devices in the vicinity which are forwarded to the cloud. From Apple servers, users will get information about the location of the lost device. In short, every Apple device that supports the Find My application will generate a Public Key and Private Key.

The Public Key is a key for data encryption that can only be opened with the Private Key on the second Apple device that you have.