Apple’s self-driving car will not have steering wheel for manual driving

Apple's self-driving car will not have steering wheel for manual driving

According to Bloomberg, Apple has changed its strategy for the car, which has been in the works for several years. Initially, Apple wanted to release an electric car that can be driven both by a driver and autonomously, and now they has swung at a much more difficult target.

Since September 2021, Kevin Lynch has been leading the development of the electric vehicle. This is the fifth head of this direction within Apple in the seven years since its inception.

Lynch promotes the idea of ​​creating a completely unmanned electric vehicle, in the movement of which a person cannot interfere and, accordingly, to move on which, accordingly, a driver’s license is not required. The company is considering removing the steering wheel, pedals and other driving controls from the car, but a final decision has not yet been made. A dashboard with an interactive screen and the ability to give voice commands, including for building a route, may remain in the cabin.

The development of the Apple Car autopilot system is being carried out by a team led by former Tesla employee Christopher Moore. Now Apple is looking for an automaker that will manufacture its car and selects from several companies, including American ones. As found out by Bloomberg Apple plans to complete development of the self-driving electric vehicle in the next few years. It could be presented in 2025, and then it will be on sale.

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