Apple’s VR headset will be controlled by gaze

Apples Vr Headset Will Be Controlled By Gaze.png


Apple VR

Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset may have an eye tracking system. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told about it.

According to an insider, most head-worn devices are controlled by external controllers, which provide a fairly narrow range of possibilities. However, the eye tracking system in Apple’s upcoming headset will make the controls a lot easier. It will work with a transmitter that will send one or more waves of invisible light, and a receiver that responds to changes in these waves reflected from the eyeball. Based on this difference in wavelength, the position of the eye and the direction of gaze will be determined. Kuo believes that this type of control will provide an intuitive user experience, as the system will be fine-tuned to suit the human eye. In addition, it is quite possible to adjust the reduction in image quality in areas where the user is not looking at the moment, and thus reduce the load on the device’s processor.

Ming-Chi Kuo does not yet know if the headset will recognize the iris of the eye and identify the user this way. However, he suggests that it is likely that Apple will implement support for aperture recognition, which will make using Apple Pay more convenient and faster.

Earlier, the analyst said that Apple is preparing as many as three AR / VR devices for the next ten years, one of which will be contact lenses with augmented reality.