Automatic subtitles in Chrome are awesome for English learners

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Google has added a new feature to Chrome – Live Caption. These are automatic subtitles that can be displayed in almost any player during video or audio playback.

Currently, automatic subtitles are only supported for English (it is not known whether there will be support for other languages). They are useful for those who are studying English: you can watch English-language videos and listen to podcasts, checking your understanding of what you heard with the help of the text on the screen.

The Live Caption feature has long been exclusive to select models of smartphones based on Android 10 and 11, then appeared as an experimental flag in the desktop version of Chrome, and is now available to all users of this browser and is activated through the usual settings.

How to enable Live Caption (automatic subtitles):

  • Go to Chrome Settings
  • Click “Advanced” -> “Special. opportunities”
  • Turn on the toggle switch opposite the “Automatic subtitles” function

Automatic subtitles in Chrome are awesome for English learners

The browser will download the English language pack and from now on, when playing an English-language speech, it will automatically transform it into text, displaying subtitles. Speech recognition is performed using an artificial intelligence system, so errors are possible if the AI ​​incorrectly identifies certain words. The recognition accuracy can be affected by extraneous sounds – for example, background music in a video or podcast and mixing of speech of different interlocutors if they interrupt each other during a conversation.

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