Best Free VPNs for Android in 2021

Best Free VPNs for Android in 2021

If you use an Android phone or tablet and want anonymity, security, and freedom from VPN restrictions, then you’ve come to the right place – here are the best free VPNs for Android.

VPN (from the English “virtual private network”), in full accordance with the name, will make your virtual life private and much more secure. This technology is especially useful for those who use public Wi-Fi, for example, in cafes, airports or hotels, that is, where you are as open as possible to intercept traffic by hackers and special services.

TunnelBear VPN


Traffic limit: 1.5 GB per month.
Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.
Available servers: More than 20.

What makes it stand out TunnelBear versus the competition for being the best free VPN for Android in terms of interface and ease of use. The developer has removed all additional options from the application, so it is great for inexperienced users and those who use the service all the time. After all, if the user finds the application complicated or gets confused in the settings, then, most likely, he will not use it regularly. There are versions for other platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS and others.


Even in the free version, 20 servers are available in different countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, etc.), which makes it possible to access content from other regions while traveling or on business trips. In terms of security, TunnelBear also tries its best – the company invites independent experts to conduct security audit of their servers.

After the download speed of Twitter was artificially slowed down by 10 times in March 2021, I switched to a paid plan in this service for $ 10 and began to use it constantly. Before that, I only ran it sometimes.



Traffic limit: Unlimited.
Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.
Available servers: 3.

ProtonVPN Is a simple application that provides unlimited traffic and excellent security.

You’ve probably already heard about encrypted mail. ProtonMail… In fact, the same people who made it work reliably created the VPN application. The company has free and paid plans, but, let’s face it, the free version is more than enough for most users.

The company is located in Switzerland, which means you don’t have to worry that it will keep logs or monitor you by order of the authorities. For example, the famous Russian hacker Zdorodenin was hiding in Switzerland.

It’s not hard to guess that the free plan has some limitations. Its subscribers ProtonVPN does not limit the monthly traffic volume, but notes that during peak hours it can reduce their speed. You probably won’t feel a noticeable difference, but it’s worth knowing about it.

Hotspot Shield VPN


Traffic limit: 500 MB per day
Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
Available servers: 1

Hotspot Shield Is a fully fledged free VPN for Android with a great app. The company, like the aforementioned Proton, offers paid and free plans. Free is more modest than Proton, although Hotspot Shield allocates 500 MB of traffic per day on it, which in total is about 15 GB per month. At first glance, not so much, but still not bad and will be enough for most users.

The connection speed does not exceed 2 Mbps, so streaming videos can only be viewed in SD. Logs are not saved, and Hotspot Shield’s encryption is military grade. Of the minuses: you can connect only one device, users of the free version also have only one server, unlike 2500 for those who pay. And also, when registering, you still have to enter your credit card details.

The settings allow you to launch Hotspot Shield in automatic mode, which protects all your data with high-level encryption.

Windscribe VPN


Traffic limit: 10 GB per month
Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
Available servers: 10

IN Windscribe VPN many pluses, which is why I included this service in this top. One of its main features is that the already decent 10GB of traffic can be further increased by tweeting how you like Windscribe and inviting friends. Jokes aside, it really is that simple. If you want even more, you will have to switch to a paid plan. Another plus is that an unlimited number of simultaneous connections is available (there are versions for all major operating systems).

The speed is not the fastest here, but the VPN works on all major platforms, and servers are scattered across 60 countries and 100 cities. This is useful for those who need to hide their real location in order to access blocked sites in another region.

Is a free VPN right for me?

A free VPN is great because you don’t have to pay for it, and who doesn’t like that? Only if you do not pay the service for its services, this usually means that it earns somehow else, because it is impossible to run a business without profit. Most often, companies collect your data (even if they manage to get it a little) and sell it to a third party, which negates all anonymity.

In addition, free services can usually be used on a limited number of devices, they have fewer servers, little traffic is given, and so on. It is usually enough to watch only a few HD movies. You won’t be able to use them all month. the dedicated traffic can run out in a day. Therefore, it is not suitable for permanent use. If you just need to open some blocked site from time to time, it will do.

PS The editors of the site do not approve or encourage illegal or malicious use of VPN services. The editors do not recognize or support the pirated use of paid content.

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