Best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3

The release of the Unc0ver tool for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3 has led to increased jailbreak activity. A lot of new tweaks have been released for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3, even more tweaks have been updated for new versions. In this article, we have collected the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3.


There are many tweaks that support iOS 14 – iOS 14.3, but below are only the best ones. You can also read the instructions for installing the Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3.

1. Cylinder Reborn

Apple updated the home screen in iOS 14 with widgets. If you want to make it even more interesting, you need the Cylinder Reborn tweak. It will definitely bring your home screen to life by adding unusual animations to it.


Download (Chariz Repo)

2. EasyDialer14

Many, even after many years, would not mind adding T9 to the iPhone. If you also miss the T9, we recommend the EasyDialerT9 tweak. It adds T9 dialing to Phone app for quick contact search. The tweak also changes the standard dialing interface to a custom one that looks more modern.

Download (BigBoss Repo)

3. Springtomize

If you love customizing your iPhone, then you definitely need the Springtomize tweak. It contains many different options for customizing iOS 14. You can change the look of the home screen, animations, and more. You can even customize different profiles for different situations.


Download (Packix Repo)

4. Groups

The Grupi tweak removes one of the biggest lock screen flaws in iOS 14 by sorting out notifications. It will make your lock screen more comfortable and look better. In addition, the tweak even has a dark mode with beautiful blur.

Download (Packix Repo)

5. DoubleToday

IOS 14 introduces the App Library. tweak DoubleToday changes this application library to another page with widgets.

YouTube video

Download (Packix Repo)

6. Hestia

Many applications stop working if they detect a jailbreak on the device. Hestia tweak helps to bypass jailbreak detection in different applications. In addition, it does not require disabling the installation of tweaks.

Download (Packix Repo)

7. Snapper 2

This tweak proves the power of jailbreak. Basically, it allows you to crop a portion of the screen and leave it floating on the screen. You can take floating screenshots, which can come in handy in different situations. You can even pin such a screenshot to the screen.

Download (Packix Repo)

8. CarBridge

CarBridge enhances the CarPlay mode, allowing you to open any application in it. Essentially, the tweak casts your iPhone’s screen to your car’s screen. You can also hide some CarPlay apps to free up space on your home screen.

Download (Packix Repo)


9. DLEasy

This tweak allows you to download media from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also import audio and music from WhatsApp and YouTube to Music app.

Download (Packix Repo)

10. Playour

Playour tweak allows you to customize the widget with music. You can change its appearance by adjusting transparency, colors, and more.

Download (Packix Repo)

11. Keyboard Accio

If you have multiple keyboards on your iPhone, and you constantly switch between them, then this is the tweak for you. It makes switching between keyboards easier. There is support for third-party keyboards, so you can easily use Gboard, SwiftKey, and more keyboards.

Download (Big Boss)

12. Run

There are many restrictions in the Files app. Fortunately, it can be replaced by the popular Filza file manager. With it, you can easily work with files on your iPhone.

Here are the main Filza:

– File Viewer: Media Player, Hex Editor, Text Editor, SQLite Editor, IPA Installer, DEB Installer, Web Browsing, Terminal
– Cloud storage support: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP
– SMB (Windows File Sharing) support
– Search by files and folders
– Display as a list or grid
– Support for files zip / 7z / rar / tar / tar.gz / gz …
– Install DEB / IPA files, view DEB / IPA information
– Various themes, custom icons

Download (Big Boss)

Here are some more tweaks for iOS 14 worth checking out:

  • JellyFish
  • Complications
  • Axon
  • Accent
  • Color Flow 5
  • HomePlus Beta
  • HideDots
  • iCleaner
  • Gravitation
  • Gesture
  • Status Viz
  • Shylabels
  • Runaway
  • Dark Keys
  • Screenshot Actions
  • Goji
  • PasscodeText

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