Beware, this malware gets into your smartphone via WhatsApp

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Hiddenly, malware enters WhatsApp on your phone. You must know this.

Malware can find its way to your smartphone left or right. It’s up to the manufacturer to keep your device safe with updates for Software. But you also need to stay informed to prevent malicious parties from gaining access. In this regard, this new form of WhatsApp malware is interesting to watch.

Whatsapp New Feature Promises To Speed Up Voice Messages.png

Malware On WhatsApp

What is going on? In Play Store From Google, a new application has been launched under the name FlixOnline. The application looks unique Netflix But this is definitely not the case. The malware is sent via automatic messages sent to other smartphones via WhatsApp. It is fully automatic and without your knowledge. All of this was discovered by security researchers from Checkpoint.

Those with bad intentions hope that the recipient will open the WhatsApp malware and the smartphone can be infected and infiltrated. Victims who receive WhatsApp messages are offered to try Netflix free for two months. This sounds really interesting, of course, but it’s a scam.

After Notifying the Check Point, Google removes the application from the Play Store. However, the app was on the Play Store for two months and the app was downloaded about 500 times in that period. So, if you get obscure texts about free Netflix for a few months, you know what to do. Ignore and let the sender know!


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