Amazon launched New AR shopping tool

27 Aug, 2020 Mod Apk No Comments
Previously, Amazon had launched AR View, an AR shopping tool in 2017, but only supported seeing the renderings of individual household items in the room. Compared with AR View, the Room Decorator introduced this time can support the placement of multiple commercial furniture products at the same time, allowing users to see a whole set of new product renderings. When the user is not in the room, Room Decorator can also realize this function by reading the photos of the room.

Amazon launched New AR shopping tool

Currently, Room Decorator is only suitable for thousands of furniture items sold on Amazon. When consumers find satisfactory products on Amazon, they can click the “View in your room” button to start using Room Decorator. It is worth noting that the products in Room Decorator can be displayed proportionally, which is convenient for users to refer to their size in real life.

In addition, Room Decorator will also provide consumers with matching suggestions. Users can add recommended products to the room together, and rearrange and combine them as needed. If the user confirms the purchase, he can put the goods into the shopping cart directly from the Room Decorator.

Regarding this AR shopping tool, an Amazon spokesperson said: “In order to provide consumers with a satisfactory shopping experience, Amazon has been innovating. This time, we launched Room Decorator, which allows users to enjoy an immersive shopping experience at any time, and Make smarter shopping choices through visualization.”

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