List Of Dangerous Apps To Uninstall From Your Android Phone

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Thousands of dangerous malicious android apps have inflitrated on the Google Play Store, disguised as legitimate applications.These malicious apps are carrying malware that can steal data,do advertisement fraud,add infected devices to a Botnet, perform denial-of-service (DDoS) , participate in spam email campaigns , subscribe to expensive subscriptions , steal your facebook credentials & infect your device with ransomware

Security researchers are regularly discovering these malicious apps & reporting them to Google.

Google have removed 13000+ malicious apps from Play Store reportedly.

List Of Dangerous Apps To Uninstall From Your Android Phone

How to protect your Android phone from malwares?

  • Always use the latest version of apps. Update your installed android apps & install latest security update on your phone.
  • Scan your apps and files with
  • Must install an Antivirus & Security Applications on yoir phone. Some great security apps are Malwarebytes , Norton , ESET etc.

If these apps are installed in your device you should uninstall them immediately.

Best website to download virus free android apps and games

1) Google Play Store

2) Amazon App Store

3) Epic Game Store

4) Samsung App Store

5) Pro Apk


To help you find these malicious apps we have compiled a list .

The list is being updated regularly whenever new malicious android apps are discovered, so don’t forget to bookmark our website and stay secure.

List of apps infected with the Joker malware July 11









Advocate Wallpaper

Age Face

Altar Message

Antivirus Security – Security Scan

Beach Camera

Board picture editing

Certain Wallpaper

Climate SMS

Collate Face Scanner

Cute Camera

Dazzle Wallpaper

Declare Message

Display Camera

Great VPN

Humour Camera

Ignite Clean

Leaf Face Scanner

Mini Camera

Print Plant scan

Rapid Face Scanner

Reward Clean

Ruddy SMS

Soby Camera

Spark Wallpaper

Facebook comments