MX Player Apk Review : Is It Safe?

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MX Player Apk Review

MX Player is well known to most Android users. This is a relatively old, but advanced video player with support for a huge number of formats and many settings. It has been downloaded over 500 million times on Google Play. But, as it turned out, the program contains a critical vulnerability that threatens the safety of users.

MX Player Apk Review : Is It Safe?
Initially, MX Player was only a video player, but after the acquisition of the Indian company Times Internet, the application also became a free online platform for streaming broadcasts. In particular, the program introduced the function of transmitting video and other multimedia content over a wireless network. It is with her that the discovered vulnerability is connected.

Is MX Player Pro Apk Safe?

The first exploit was announced by Tenable Security expert David Willson. According to him, when transferring files, one device turns into a sender, and the second into a recipient. At this point, an attacker located in the Bluetooth range of both gadgets can connect to the transfer and inject malicious files into it.

Because MX Player lets you transfer multiple files at a time, this frees up the hands of hackers. By installing executable files on victims’ devices, an attacker can remotely control them and use them to install programs designed to monitor or steal personal data stored on the device.

As proof of the efficiency of this method, security researcher David Willson turned the hack according to the described method when using smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Final Verdict

It is reported that he transmitted all the necessary information to the MX Player developers, who took the necessary measures to eliminate the vulnerabilities. Therefore, users of this application are strongly advised to update it to the latest version.

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