Brave Browser launches its own privacy-focused search engine

Brave Browser launches its own privacy-focused search engine

Brave Software, the developer of the Brave browser, announced the launch of its own search engine that will not track users, their searches and clicks.

The search engine has been called Brave Search and is now available at , and can also be selected as a search engine in the Brave browser settings. Although the project is still in beta testing, the developers say that by the end of this year Brave Search will be finalized and will become a complete option for the default search in the company’s browser, and will also be available for other browsers.

Brave Search was first announced in March 2021 after Brave Software acquired the open source search engine Tailcat, created by the team that previously developed a search engine for the now-defunct Cliqz browser. Later, Brave CEO Brendan Eich called Tailcat “the most private search engine in the industry.”

“Unlike older search engines that crawl and create user profiles, and newer search engines that are mostly skins for older systems and don’t have their own indexes, Brave Search offers a new way to get relevant results with its own index maintained by the community. while ensuring confidentiality, ”says Eich.

The new search engine has been tested by 100,000 users during the closed beta, and the upcoming open beta will help complete the completion required for an official launch later in the year.

Brave Search is planned to have ads based on the Brave Ads system in the future,  allowing you to maintain confidentiality, and there will also be a paid option to hide the ads completely.

It looks like Brave Search will soon be in direct competition with DuckDuckGo, the only major search engine focused on privacy today.

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