Build Your Own VPN Server With Outline

Build Your Own VPN Server With Outline

Outline is basically intended for news organizations and journalists when they use the internet, but we can take advantage of the Outline for everyday purposes because there are no limitations in the purpose of using this Outline.

Build Your Own VPN Server With Outline


To get started, you need to download Outline Manager as your VPN manager.
Outline Manager is an application that is used to manage your VPN server, from setup to management, it is done here. Outline Manager is available for Windows, Apple & Linux users.

You only need to build a VPS server on popular cloud providers like AWS, Google, DigitalOcean or your subscription cloud (Vultr, OVH, Huawei, Alibaba Cloud and others). There is no spec limit for using Outline, you can start by building a server for $ 5 or less.

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Another thing that you have to prepare is to open all TCP / UDP ports & protocols.

Installation & Outline Manager

After you download and install Outline Manager, then create your VPS server and log in using ssh.

$ sudo bash c “$(wget -qO-”

Here’s the installation process; in the system installation process will install Docker if it is not found on the system.

After installation is complete, API url & key will be loaded generate as in the picture below:

After everything is done, copy & paste it in Outline Manager, then click Continue.

On the dashboard, you can generate keys for use on the Outline Client, change server names, manage ports and more.

After you have generated the key, invite your user or device to use the VPN service.

You can copy the link from the invitation above and open it on the device you will use as a client using the Outline Client.

You can then set up the Outline client which can run on Windows, Apple, Linux and Android devices.

After the setup is complete, copy the invitation from the key you have created, and copy the access code displayed on the screen to the Outline Client. Then the server will be read in the application and click Connect to connect the client to the server.

Once connected, the server will display a dashboard like this:

After connecting the Outline server to the client, now we will test the internet connection speed, in this test we use the service from Netflix and Ookla Speedtest from Biznet.


Apart from being aimed at news organizations and journalists, we can use the Outline to support our work, especially when a secure and fast connection is required. But the only drawback of Outline is that you have to have your own server to be able to use it.

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