Can the O2 Meter application replace the oximeter function? Check the facts

A viral message spread through WhatsApp claims that the O2 Meter application can be used as a reference to see oxygen levels in the blood, like an oximeter function.

In general, the use of the oximeter is done by pinching one finger on the sensor of the tool. The results of measuring oxygen saturation through an oximeter are expressed in percentages.

Unlike the oximeter, measurements with the O2 Meter application only require the help of a camera on a smartphone.

“You don’t have to stick the camera on your finger, it’s good on the wrist like a watch

For those who need to quickly measure the oxygen saturation in their blood, there is an application called O2 meter

please try … the results are more or less the same as Oxymeter …,” reads the narrative in the message circulating on WhatsApp.

Can the O2 Meter application replace the oximeter function? Check the facts

A screenshot that states the 02 Meter application can replace the oximeter function (WhatsApp)

Then, is it true that the O2 Meter application can replace the oximeter function?

The O2 Meter application developed by Animesh Jana, has been downloaded more than 100,000 times, and has a 4.0 rating. in the Google PlayStore app store.

However, the application description contains a warning (disclaimer) written by the developer, which does not use the measurement results from the O2 Meter application as the main benchmark. 

“Our app is not tested or verified, so accuracy may vary on some devices,” wrote the developer of the O2 Meter app on the Google Play Store. 

“Our application should not be used as a medical device or product. Consult a doctor, if you need medical needs,” explained Animesh Jana.

Doctor Andreas Prasadja RPSGT from Mitra Kemayoran Hospital suggested that people buy an original physical oximeter instead of using an untested cellphone application, as reported by idntimes .

According to him, reduced oxygen levels in the body without causing symptoms (happy hypoxia), is one of the threats during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“You have to be careful, especially when it’s COVID-19 like this. If it suddenly (oxygen saturation) drops but it’s still 99 percent? It could endanger lives,” said Andreas.

Fact Check : The O2 Meter Application Is Fake /Hoax . Do Not Install It.

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