Children’s Instagram is coming soon. Pedophiles are just waiting for this

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Facebook plans to launch a separate version of Instagram exclusively for kids. Registration in it will be possible with the permission of parents or guardians.

Instagram currently prohibits the use of the service by persons under the age of 13 due to the peculiarities of US law. Children can easily circumvent this prohibition by simply indicating an older age when registering. At the same time, adult content is often found on Instagram, including nudity, and not even in the feed with subscriptions, but in recommendations.

Facebook Representative explained Bloomberg plans to launch a children’s version of Instagram so that more and more children want to join this social network, but they cannot do it due to legal restrictions.

Previously, Instagram banned people over the age of 18 from writing private messages to unfamiliar users who have not reached that age. When you try to send a message, an error notification will appear. Thus, the social network fights harassment, protecting young users from the harassment of strangers.

It is possible that the children’s version of Instagram will attract not only children, but also pedophiles, because it is unlikely that anything will prevent adults from registering on this social network, lowering their real age. It is known that there is a pedophile movement on YouTube – perverts share videos filmed by children with each other, indicating the most explicit fragments in the comments. At the same time, children themselves may not realize why their videos attract such a large number of viewers.

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