China blocked Steam Global Game Store

China blocked Steam Global Game Store

According to media reports, the global version of Steam was blocked in China over the weekend. The local, Chinese version, launched in February of this year, is still available, but it offers a library of only 103 games (versus 110,000 on Steam Global).

Fortnite researchers and Rick Owens (iFireMonkey) were the first to spot problems with Steam in China.

Journalists of the edition The Verge tried to test the operation of the lock using a tool Comparitechwhich checks if the resource is banned in China. After entering the address, the tool indicates that Steam is blocked in all parts of the country. In this case, is available.

As mentioned above, there are much fewer games on the Chinese Steam (only Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 can be named from the high-profile titles), but also the local version does not have any community functions, including the lack of Steam Workshop. Community Market, forums and activity section, which displays current user streams, recent screenshots, guides and more.

Journalists note that the Steam ban is a logical continuation of the Chinese government’s struggle against video games. So, this summer, Tencent introduced facial recognition technology, which scans the faces of children to comply with the “curfew”: in China, after 10:00 pm, children should not play video games. In addition, recently the country introduced new rule that prohibits minors from playing for more than three hours a week.

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