Chrome 89 will consume less RAM on Mac

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Google recently released Chrome 89 for Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms. The new version of the browser should work more economically in terms of memory consumption in macOS.


The Chrome browser is known for using a lot of RAM and other resources. However, the development team worked hard to make the browser more economical.

Chrome 89 for Windows is 22% more memory efficient. In addition, the browser is also 9% faster. This was achieved thanks to optimization.

Chrome has gotten smarter in memory usage. Now, on some sites, savings can reach as much as 20%.

On macOS, Chrome is 8% more energy efficient. Background tabs will no longer consume precious memory either. This keeps your Mac cool and keeps the cooling system quieter.

Due to the fact that Chrome consumes a lot of resources, such changes are good news. Yes, Chrome is still not as frugal as Safari, but it still has more useful features.